The miserable condition of jails in Gilgit-Baltistan

Shah Fahad Baigal 

I have recently found some information about the present situation of jails in Gilgit and Hunza, Nagar. The situation is so worse that prisoners are being treated like animals inside the buildings and there is no clear policy on how to make the guards, the custodians, answerable.

As a citizen, we should stand against these brutal happenings inside the jails and we should appeal to leaders and district administration to do something about this situation: change the self-made policies of jails and amend them for the well-being of humanity.

 The foremost objective of any Jail is to ensure that the human rights of the prisoners are not violated. If any prisoner is willing to play any sports, the jail should be capable of providing him/her the ground, time and other facilities. If a prisoner is a book reader, again they should provide him with books and the facility of library should be part of jail.

It has come to my knowledge that the jail is providing a very poor quality food, water, and the prisoners are being held in very congested rooms. It appears that immeasurably low and abysmal living conditions are provided to them.

Despite all the hindrances, it is a point to ponder that how come the prisoners survive their days under such circumstances? I hail the prisoners who tolerate all the difficulties and, meanwhile, I request the general public to raise voice against such a vicious system for the sake of humanity.

Furthermore, the question is: do the warden and the police treat them well or not? Absolutely not. Torturing the prisoners is a routine. At anytime of their choice, the officials are reportedly entering the cells and baton charging or kicking the prisoners, and humiliating them, for no reason. Needless to say, this is in complete violation of the rules and laws. The district management, police department and other relevant departments should rally to cope with the prevailing unacceptable situation.

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