Of the rich and the poor

Karrar Hussain

Life is not a bed of roses to soothe every individual. One has to strive for livelihood; as the race to survive surrounds all. The major hunt and victim, in this game of sorts, are the poorest people who are gravely affected at a large-scale. Whenever we considerate over issues of immense significance, this community is left at the rear.  Apart from their lesser opportunities and hardships, they used to die in harness. Such a level of poverty breeds many ill-gotten things, and their deprivation of wealth, resources and negligence continues owing to the shifting of prestige at the highest level. Every little effort is done keeping in the interest of elite’s interest in this way poverty breeds corruption, that leads to chaos.

Whilst the highest personnel are hyper busy in their own making way out the poor has no one to look after except the Omnipotent. This depicts the orthodox capitalist society where the beneficiaries get the surplus value  with no work; while the proletariat with a bunch of workforce reaches no where. Karl Marx rightly mentioned the exploitation of the poor in the hands of riches. The overwhelming challenges become the noose of the neck for the poor and subject them to live from hand to mouth.

Why should I highlight this uneasy reality? What can be done for the bereft citizens? How can anybody share the feelings and emotions of the distressed and distressed ones? Is it really a true fact?
Yes, of course. Indeed everyone is preoccupied with once own undertakings and find no way out to spare time and pause for a second to think and rethink for a cause.
Until or unless the sense of responsibility is brought to play for one’s own duties and obligations, we as a human beings have been lazy guys to initiate on our own.
We should rather ponder over the vivid realism than to putting the matter aside. What can be done is an optimistic step to motivate and inspire. Rest is best left with God.
Somebody rightly said “Aspire and Inspire before you Expire”
It is high time to bring things to force which might lead us to a stable political and social system, otherwise history is the witness of great revolutions of the French, American and Iranian. It is a fact that ‘history repeats itself’.

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  1. amazing facts shared by you
    ever live for nation and if you wanna sacrifice for the nation first of all minimize your luxuries

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