Which “field” to choose after Matriculation and/or Intermediate?

By Rashid Ali 

Today we are going to discuss an important topic.

Many juniors come to me and ask, “How to opt for a field after intermediate through which we achieve success in future? Which field to select after intermediate? How can I know which field best suits me? Should I consider my interest or previous results of a specific field to opt it in the future? How to make college and university life most successful? What is the scope of any field in the future? Can I get a good job if I select this field? My parents want me to select this field but I want to go for that field, what should I do? My friends are saying good things about that field and I am in this field?”

I receive thousands of such questions on social media. Whenever and wherever I go to deliver seminars, I discuss about the dilemma that students get in to opt a field after intermediate.

In this article, we will try to answer all such type of questions that students ask. First of all, take your time to finalize any field. Any decision made in hurry may cause serious problems in future. Just go back into past and see in which subjects you have done work well. Check out time to time the outcomes of your efforts in any subject. For instance, comparing Biology and Mathematics, you might have scored sometimes in Biology higher than Mathematics, but you have got considerably very low marks in Biology many times. Whereas if you are finding your Mathematics scores very well from the beginning, then you must consider any field related to Mathematics.

Secondly, your interest matters a lot. Interest and scoring is somehow directly proportional to each other. If you are having good marks in Mathematics from the beginning, then indeed you are having interest in that field. Nonetheless, I was asked a question, “My scores are higher in Biology, but I am fully interested in Mathematics. In this situation, which subject should I opt?” The answer to this question is very easy. There might be two possibilities. First, if you are scoring considerably much low scores in Mathematics, then you are definitely not interested in that field. You are having a mindset that you are interested in Mathematics. This mindset may have developed from reading different writings in favor of Mathematics, and from your friends who are highly interested in it. In this case, Biology should be chosen. Second, if you are having an innate attachment and interest in Mathematics, but scores are higher in Biology, then the difference of scores must be very low. In this case, you must opt your field of interest.

The above two paragraphs are also very helpful in choosing a subject after matriculation. In my life career, I have seen people crying for career selection decisions made by their parents, even attempting suicides. No one but only you will be with you until your last breath. In many societies, parents see other people’s children achieving great success in any field and put pressure on their children to go for that very field. For instance, every parent in our society wants their children to be doctors, if not, engineers at least. So parents attack their children emotionally to select the fields which the parents are interested in. Remember, it may destroy your future, and you will suffer from a sad life and you may consequently attempt suicides. You are the first to have right to make any decision, then comes parents. I never mean disobeying your parents. Learn how to cajole your parents in your field of interest. As a victim, I was able to cajole my parents to select pre-Engineering after matriculation; despite they have filled my form in college for pre-Medical.

Same is the way to choose a field after Intermediate. Apart from considering the above things, you must be sure what type of field you are selecting. You must have some previous knowledge about that very field. In my view, no fields have any scope; it is you who make it. Never think that any field is having no any scope in future. If you are work hard, develop skills related to your field, and consequently achieve good marks, then you have made a good scope, otherwise not. If you do the pre mentioned things, then you will be never bothered of getting a good job.

Finally, I would suggest you to never make decisions based on the sayings of the people around you, especially your parents. Do not inspire from every little thing, or from the sayings of your friends and successful people. Many people suggest to get inspire, but I won’t. Just aim to one and only one destination, and work accordingly. Only your successful future should be your inspiration. At last you will be able to show your parents that their decision might have affected your future, only your decision saved you.

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