Sat. Nov 27th, 2021

 Curriculum Redesign

By Karim Muhammad Khan

The decent manner and courtesy is getting declined gradually from our society as it reflects in our intolerant, paranoid and insincere behavior individually and collectively. This compel us to reflect the existing loop holes in our curriculum as the current education system particularly textbooks seem to restrict children to a narrow trench by cramming information; taking exam and getting certified to pursue jobs and that is all. Whereas, students’ holistic growth such as intellectual, social, moral and spiritual domains are left dormant for ever.

Intellectual capacity is to use the brain power to think critically, creatively and imaginatively to solve problems and get adjusted in the environment accordingly. Furthermore, it is the intellectual capacity that has made the living standards of people more comfortable materialistically and the entire world has now shrunk into a global village owing to scientific innovations. Now it is called the fourth generation of industrial revolution era as the avenues of new scientific knowledge is growing rapidly and benefiting the communities of developed countries in particular and under developed societies in general.

However, the underdeveloped communities particularly the Muslim societies are lagging behind to contribute in scientific knowledge and technology in order to modernize and civilize their communities. Past and present rulers have failed to pay attention to establish strong educational institutions and research centers in their respective states for their citizens and Pakistan is no exception in this regard.

In Pakistan class-oriented education i.e. Madaras system Education;  Public sector education and English medium schools have contributed in polarization of the social and moral fabrics of Pakistani communities as it is frequently surfaced from the intolerant behavior of its citizens leading to scuffles and violence in the country. Even professionals get indulged in violent activities as recently it was observed between lawyers and doctors in the Punjab Institute of Cardiology (PIC) where the lawyers went on vandalism and that painted a dreadful image of the country.

Moreover, university campuses are not safe and secure as extremism is also growing in them, whereas, enlightened and progressive ideologies get suppressed by rightist groups.  Consequently occasional scuffles and violence between students’ unions and at times with faculty members are reported on and off in media in which several precious lives have been lost in the past.  Recently a BS Economics student from Gilgit-Baltistan got killed due to firing by the opponent group in one of the universities in Islamabad which is indeed agonizing for parents.

Learning and research work s is to take place in a peaceful and safe environment, whereas scary atmosphere badly affects teaching and learning process inside the premises of educational institutions.  Therefore, college and university campuses must not be hostage to extremist unions and associations as certain groups and ideology are also responsible to provoke youth’s emotions which lead to lose temper quickly resulting in violence and at times bloodshed.  Government and university administration should provide safe and secured environment in all public and private sector institutions and prohibit guns inside the campus. Violators need to be reprimanded and penalized.

In addition, morality is yet another vital element of human personality through which one can distinguish between good and bad; right and wrong; legitimate and illegitimate. But as a nation our morality is also fading away and at times it seems to its lowest ebb because of rampant malpractices such as murder, corruption, abduction, sexual harassment; fraud and deception, adulteration; black- marketing; robbing and lack of civic sense in the country. To check immoral practices individually and collectively, teachers, parents, educationists along with influential personalities should work together for decent upbringing of young generations.

Next, spirituality is also a significant dimension of human life through which man is associated with his creator (Allah). The mysterious and amazing system of the cosmos, solar system and our incredible living planet stimulate us to ponder over the existence of the supreme command of God. During trail and tribulation period; man is to implore to Allah the almighty for clemency; for mitigation of suffering and for giving strength.

Succinctly, the current social and moral ills and deficient intellectual growth expose the missing links in our curriculum. It is need of the time that educational institutions should prepare students to demonstrate honesty in professional and personal life. Moreover, youth should also be nurtured socially to behave politely and practice courtesy with others in daily routines.

Furthermore, respecting diverse communities, their faith and cultures should also be taken into account in order to co-exist peacefully in the society. Education should also enable children to realize the existence of divine power to have in control of the universe and ought to be indebted to Him for the bounties and blessings bestowed upon His creatures.

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