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Professinoal learning through television

Kabir Ayub

Kabir Ayub

There have been vast and abrupt ‘Technological Advances’ around us through which it has become easier for people to enhance their skills in their varying and respective fields. This so-called encroachment and improvement of technology has undoubtedly opened up a broader and wider professionalism impact on the people. We fortunately are aware with all the profession that has arisen around us at a large extent through technology. One of the most important and fast growing ways of learning through technology is the “Television”.

Television plays an essential role in today’s socially and structurally civilized technical advancement, through which with the remote in the grip of your hand you can gain knowledge and get an idea of what’s happening around the world and how and why people are opting to choose the professional life that you have chosen. Television indisputably shapes and controls the minds of people, very often people are by hook or by crook attracted towards their profession by their interaction with different professionalized personalities at a global level; we are somehow inspired and deeply moved by such personalities of the same profession, we slowly and gradually start changing the way we think, live act like them.

Without a doubt we can professionally learn many things from television; there is a large number of channels and programs from which we can benefit and discover and get knowledge of our profession. It does not necessarily mean that we can only get information out, but different channels on the television also enthuses and motivates us onto choosing our profession. A person who has been watching

Kabir Ayub
Kabir Ayub

sports or science channels since childhood such as ESPN, Discovery or National Geographic will automatically be interested into choosing a similar profession as his mind will be shaped accordingly; he will choose what we are injecting into his mind. We previously discussed television as an educational medium in class through presentations; television can be an educational medium if used with the right approach. Through this education medium we also come up with the idea of selecting various professions that have arisen around us, children who watch cartoons are also automatically given an idea or a hint of different professions; cartoons which have laboratories, chemical and biological surrounding injects the children or gives that child an initiative, scheme and design of different professions, while watching such cartoons the child may have an inspiration of becoming a doctor or biologist.

Channels such as National Geographic, Discovery or the History channels help us into choosing, learning and understanding the professions that are related to doctors, biologists, and environmentalists, Historians, Weather-Forecasters, Zoologists, Geographers and Navigators. There are vast and abundant professional learning that we can grasp into our hands and mind through such channels. Then there are the majority number of sports channels and sports news channels from which a sportsman or an athlete can get information and knowledge of what’s happening around the world and because of watching famous sportsmen like ‘Lionel Messi, Tiger Woods, Tendulkar, Rafael Nadal’ people choose sports as their profession and concentrate more into football, Cricket, Tennis, Rugby and other sports around the globe. Likewise the same goes with the fashion industry, film industry and the music industry. There are immense and cosmic channels related to film, music and the fashion world; one who wants learn more about profession related to these fields for example a model or a singer would watch Style 360 or MTV Music channels and so on. A person who wants to become a scholarly religious personality or chooses this as his profession would watch channels that give information about his religion or others too, it all depends on what he strides for. A businessmen or a student who studies laws and current affairs of the country can watch channels which show relative contents to it, he can get knowledge about the profession he has chosen and the unemployment and other financial problems that his country or people at a global level are facing.

All such examples are enormous in number and are never-ending, to come to a conclusion I would wrap up with the fact that television has played a critical, decisive and pivotal role in a progressive approach towards professional learning. If we take a global test and somehow create a poll in which we mention the number of people watching different channels on the television then the result that we would come up with at the end would be a spectacular one; we will notice that almost everybody watches their favorite channel or programs related to their profession. For example an athlete or a sportsman would frequently or regularly watch programs related to athletics and sports, a person studying physics or chemistry would watch channels related to their field, one who wants to become a politician professionally would often watch programs relative to politics, propaganda and how to carry out a rally or give an imposing and remarkable speech to his supporters.

Television has certainly and unquestionably played an important and a practical and realistic role in professional learning, the viewer has the alternative, preference, choices and options on what he learns and how he implements his learning.

The contributor is a student based in Lahore. 

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