Sat. Dec 4th, 2021

Maddressah teacher arrested for torturing 8-year old student

GILGIT: Promptly responding to social media reports, Gilgit Police has arrested a Madressah teacher, identified as Sarfazar Ahmad, a resident of Chilas, on charges of torturing a minor.

According to a police source, after Deputy Commissioner of Gilgit took notice of the story originally shared by Shabir Mir, an ASI of Gilgit Police visited the Madressah and arrested the cleric. The child was asked questions by the Police official about the incident, to which he reportedly said that he was beaten by the cleric for not ‘memorizing his lesson’. The police report mentions that the child has bruises and scratches on his face.
The child, name withheld, is reportedly a resident of Sherqilla, Punial (Ghizer).
Police has registered an FIR under article 337-A and 328 – A of the Pakistan Penal Code. The ‘teacher’ has reportedly confessed that he subjected the child to physical abuse.
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