Complete annulment of Gilgit-Baltistan Income Tax Adaptation Act, 2012 not in GB interest: Gilgit CM

GILGIT: Chief Minister Gilgit Baltistan, Hafiz Hafeez Hafeez ur Rehman Tuesday said the government was taking solid measures for speedy development and complete withdrawal of Income Tax Petition Act 2012 was not in the interest of the province.

He said around Rs100 billion was being received to Gilgit Baltistan from Federation while the volume of direct and indirect taxes have touched about Rs5 billion mark.

He was talking to Director General Special Communications Organization, Major General Amir Azeem Bajwa who called on him here at CM Secretariat.

The CM said complete abolishment of income tax adaptation act 2012 was not in the interest of the area, saying documentation was compulsory to make control over corruption in the society.

He said due to income tax adaptation act 2012, the members of assembly were declaring their assets, and that prior to it, assets were not being declared.

The CM said Telecom Companies were collecting taxes from people and its spending on people’s welfare was possible due to this important act.

He said mega projects of PSDP and CPEC have been started in which national and multi-national companies were taking part, adding these companies are paying taxes in other province and would have to pay taxes here at Gilgit Baltistan too for peoples’ well being.

He said no country can make progress and achieve development without a comprehensive tax system.

The CM said all the proposed taxes under LG system has been suspended and people were miss-leaded about the proposed taxes under LG organizations for political gains.

He said protest demonstrations about taxes in Gilgit Baltistan were wrongly reported across the eastern border as the enemy did not want progress and development in Gilgit Baltistan.

The advancement regarding mechanism about auction of 3G and 4G in GB has been made, and the facility of mechanism of 3G and 4G was available with the Special Communications Organization (SPO), he said.

The issue of provision of 3G and 4G services to people of GB would be brought in the notice of Prime Minister of Pakistan and Federal Minister for Kashmir and GB Affairs soon, he explained.

He said mobile service at all important places on KKH should be ensured for facilitation of passengers and security point of view.

The matter of Installation of cameras on KKH has been discussed with an international company and progress is expected soon.

The CM said promotion of technical education was important to prepare students of GB for modern days challenges in the contest of CPEC and a technical board was already set up in this regard.

He asked students to prepare themselves for job opportunities in the context of CPEC.

The CM said his Government would extend full support to SCO in establishment of Technical Training Institute in GB for promotion of technical education in the province. – APP

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