Sun. Dec 5th, 2021

CoVID-19: Lock-down and Mental Health

By Mahrukh Nafees Malik

COVID-19 disease has overwhelmed all the other diseases by affecting more than  900000 people and 38,000 deaths in the world.It started from Wuhan (China) entangling over more than 160 countries including Pakistan.In Pakistan approximately more than 2500 people have been affected.

COVID-19 has ruined many countries economically.This pandemic disease has a huge impact on health sectors globally.In Pakistan, lack of intensive care unit facilities have been reported but doctors are striving for the best possible treatments for the affected patients.

Because of the limited territory and population,the citizens hailing from GB are extrovert, away from the materialistic chaos and they use to remain social as compared  to the other people in Pakistan.

The probability of being a COVID 19 patient exceeds in extroverts.

As a matter of fact,educated people knowing each and everything about COVID-19 still overlook and ignore the threats and act like antediluvians.The government of Gilgit Baltistan is taking satisfactory measures in order to prevent citizens from COVID-19.Doctors are doing their best in such a critical situation.

As per reported by media…Dr Usama Riaz hailing from district Diamer of Gilgit Baltistan who sacrificed his life while serving the humanity is among one of the best front liners.

The government has raised various slogans against a pandemic disease i.e the most popular one is hashtag.. ( gotor baiya,darut nay nikha) which means “stay at home”and “don’t go out”…

COVID-19 a pandemic virus, has forced people to remain in social isolation.

Social isolation and loneliness are itself a big diseases that are associated with poor mental health.In the prevailing year 2020, people are forced to live in social isolation which means staying six feet away from others. In such a case,symptoms of depression, anxiety persists not only in GB but the people all over the world are experiencing it owing to chronic symptoms of corona.


Every day allows us/ makes us confront to the fake news regarding corona.Especially a myth that is being viral nowadays in social media (watsapp, facebook) such as :

corona is airborne and it stays in air till 8 hours.Such news compelled people to lock themselves up in their rooms rather than being in terraces or a garden.

Being in social isolation and after hearing fake news people directly fell into anxiety and depression.

According to researchers, people who are already suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder ( unwanted and disturbing thoughts or urges (obsessions) that disturbs ones mind and causes anxiety or discomfort, and it add into repetitive behaviours.(compulsions)are more prone to anxiety associated with the symptoms of COVID-19.

During an out break of the pandemic people who are addicted to various drugs can feel sad,depression and anxiety.Adding to their problems,lack of sleep is the most main issue for drug users or substance abusers.

In GB some of the citizens are addicted to SNUFF (commonly called Naswar).They cannot go out to buy it in a curfew and in return feel depressed and irritated.

Anxiety related symptoms include stomach pain, nausea, or digestive trouble,headache.insomnia or other sleep issues (waking up frequently, for example)weakness or fatigue,rapid breathing or shortness of breath,pounding heart or increased heart rate,sweating and trembling or shaking.

Keeping a positive mind set is very crucial during social isolation and during an outbreak of a pandemic disease.

The words were full of fear and worry uttered by one of the COVID-19 patient in GB through social media.

“It hurts when you suffer, when you don’t know what will happen next!”he said and requested citizens to stay at homes.

Negative thoughts opens the door to the emotional well being to fell into anxiety and depression.Negative thoughts reminds us the most popular proverb i.e An empty Mind is Devil’s workshop.Actually negative thoughts drags us to the path we never want to follow.

Helping poor people during an outbreak of a pandemic disease and putting a status on social media don’t satisfies us mentally unless and until we cannot help them for the sake of God and not for the sake of media.

Recitation of a Holy Quran:

Being a Muslim we need to pure our souls/ wipe our sins away by reciting Holy Quran. Reciting Quran with translation can make us understand what is being said and how to live our lives.

Meditation:Do meditation or yoga to make your mind fresh and to boast up your immune system.The process of deep exhale and inhale for five minutes clears the stress out of minds.Think positive, act positive.

Exercise:While being in social isolation exercise works a lot for your immune system to keep it strong and to fight with diseases like COVID-19.So many videos regarding  aerobics have been uploaded on You tube to help out others.

Leisure Time:In our monotonous routine,we want some free time for ourselves.Meet your self,do some introspection.What you actually want to do which makes you happy lies in different activities i.e reading novels,gardening,cooking some food etc. 

The contributor is a psychologist.

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