Sat. Nov 27th, 2021

Broghil resident who recently traveled to Chitral from Gilgit-Baltistan has died “due to Appendicitis”

ISLAMABAD: A laborer, 23, who had recently traveled to the Yarkhun valley of Upper Chitral has reportedly died. He was part of a group of people who had traveled to their home district (Upper Chitral) from Gilgit-Baltistan after the CoVID-19 pandemic related lock-down came into effect.

The laborer, identified as Abdul Karim, was in a quarantine center for 14 days and was allowed to go to his home located in the remote Broghil Valley after showing no signs of CoVID-19. H

Habib Ullah, a Karachi based resident of Broghil, told Pamir Times that Karim’s condition had reportedly deteriorated after he reached his village. He was vomiting and had fever.

Habib, who said that he had talked to some locals over phone, added that Karim had reportedly died due to Appendicitis and there was no suspicion of CoVID-19.

Broghil is a highly remote valley where health facilities for even basic  medical conditions are non-existent.

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