Sat. Nov 27th, 2021

“Dear Mufti, Is it permissible to celebrate Mother’s Day?”

By Muhammad Nazir Khan

Early In the morning, someone texted me:
“Dear Mufti, Is it permissible to celebrate Mother’s Day?”

I couldn’t answer his  question because my tongue was silent,
but my eyes began to speak. Why?

I remembered my poor mother, who had blisters on her hands after spending a long day working in the fields, but she would lovingly fondling my face and saying:

My dream is to teach you up to 10th class (in our village, at that time, a 10th grader was considered educated).

And my illiterate father who would break stones all day and return home in the evening, his fingers bleeding.

Whenever I would write a Fatwa or an article and give it to my father, he would look at it carefully and say innocently, “Do you make books?”
My father does not know that a book is written, not made.
Then he would look at the small font size and say: “Don’t write too small, as you did here,  your eyesight will weaken!( He couldn’t distinguish between hand writing and compute font size).

Today, even though they are physically distant from me, but every day, every night, even every moment of my life is Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day, for me.

There is a couplet in Persian
ای خواجه چه جویی ز شب قدر نشانی
هر شب شب قدر است اگر قدر بدانی

What will you do with the sign of the Night of  Qadar (most often 27 th Ramdan)?

If you could know the value, then every night is the night of Qadar!

A big salute to all the great moms who, like my mother, sacrificed their present,  for the sake of their children’s’ future!

The contributor is a religious scholar (Mufti) based in Istanbul, Turkey. He belongs to Gilgit-Baltistan. 

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