Trouts Endangered by Overfishing

By Waseem Akram Baig

Trout is a fresh-water dwelling specie of fishes found across the world. Some species of Trout are endangered in different parts of the world.

Different species of Trout fishes are also found in Gilgit-Balitstan, mostly in fresh water lakes, glacial streams and rivers. Ghizer is especially known as a major habitat of Tour fishes. Khalti lake, Phander Lake, Khushush Lake, Handarab Lake and streams related in the plains of Langar are famous across GB as hubs of Trout fishes.
The Fisheries Department of Gilgit-Baltistan has been established as a separate government entity, tasked with development and implementation of policies related to the protection and promotion of fishes. And while the organizational setup exists, on ground the department has failed to stop overfishing. Ironically, the government officials are considered to be among the biggest violators of the laws and policies.
Legally, a person can hunt only six fishes larger than Six inches in size for one time. Fishing license issued by the fisheries watchers is required. The hunter must use only steel made spoon or spinner as weapon for hunting. These laws, however, exist on papers only. In reality, everything is quite the opposite. Explosion, nets, cylinders and canes, are regularly used to massacre the fishes regularly. The ‘hunters’ then flout their ‘bravery’ on social media, making a mockery of the laws and the law-abiding citizens.
In Langer and Khukush plains, there are open pastures and areas for camping and trekking, freely available. The ‘tourists’, instead of enjoying the natural beauty of the area, demolish it by destroying the eco-system, through overfishing and littering.
It is high time for the government and administration to wake out of the slumber and take concrete actions to stop this destructive behavior. The number of game watchers should be increased and they should have more authorities to enforce the laws. Officials involved in patronizing their relatives and friends, as they overfish, should be brought to the book.
People of the Ghizer are still hospitable and it is in their blood to serve tea, with an egg, to a guest any time of the day, free of cost.  They are serving the guests and tourist by heart without any charges and provide their personal washrooms for using and home shore utensils but the scenario of the tourism has been changed globally and we are living in digital age so we need to take initiatives to commercialize the tourism industry in Ghizer by providing services.
We have all the natural resources for tourism in all seasons. We need to utilize the resources to earn and start installing mini tourist destinations. Instead of looking for Government jobs and recruitment in army, we can earn as well as  promote and to explore in District Ghizer.

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