Fri. Apr 16th, 2021

Thank You, Corona!

By Arif Hussain Arsh 

Alarming stories regarding Corona are being circulated on the front pages in all national and international newspapers, as well as on the social media. Every new line of every new story reads nerve stretching and disheartening stuffs about the virus, dubbed as the ‘invisible enemy’.

I tried to find some pleasing piece of information about Corona out there but I’m surprised to say that I failed in doing so. Then I stopped for a while and questioned myself. “Is there any beneficial aspect of this Corona pandemic”? I was amused to hear a faint but yet audible sound saying, “Yes”. This sound made me forget the whole dread about Corona and think about gifts Corona has brought us. My emotions got stabilized having counted a few boons of this pandemic. Few of them are worth-mentioning.

While not easy, everywhere was maintained a social distancing, and which people were so worried about. But, thousands of people were out there, to whom it had brought an ample opportunity to spend time with their families which otherwise met after years. All beloveds, working or studying abroad so long, came back to home and refilled their hearts with never ending love. Corona was just pretence; actually we got a time to spent well with our physically nears but heartedly far ones. Counting it one, I moved on. As industries and factories are closed around the globe, so, this pause in industrial work cleans our environment, mitigating pollution and global warming. Different sprays for various infectious diseases and infestations like the recent locust attack can be carried out during these days. The flow of tourism, always seen as revenue generator, is completely stopped. Thus, natural beauty has got a recession to rejuvenate itself. You will definitely agree to credit the Corona to halt terrorism and social crimes. During lockdown, government can accelerate work on several developmental projects like constructing roads and bridges. Public too can avail this time making either a house, room or upgrading garden. It is surprised to know that many people grew vegetables promoting kitchen gardening. Many home quarantined people I asked, told me that they learned new skills like embroidery and sewing. During these days, the information technology became active making new milestones like up gradating of 5G particularly and many miscellaneous ones. People digitized their activities. Some were getting online soft skill trainings and others were busy in essay or painting competition.

The most affected is of course the student community, but yet it has got facilitated the most. Many generous organizations and firms announced tremendous packages for students. Free internet, free call packages, free online certificate courses and most importantly foreign expensive books are offered freely. It is the right time for the students to make their future resolutions, work on their skills and give proper time to studies. Another positive aspect I see is, a large network of volunteers is engaged in relief activities, youth’s tiger force is appreciable. This has developed a sense of fraternity, selflessness, sacrifice, tolerance and precaution among people. People learned best ways of utilizing isolation and using the scarce resources thriftily. Much of our money got saved, which we otherwise would spent lavishly. Parlors and saloons, dress designers, restaurants, parks and picnic resorts and what not have helped us keep our pocket warm. Needless to say, the whole nation learned new management skills.

My eyes kept on looking for and searching long lengthy wide pages of newspapers but returned with disappointment. Why are not such encouraging facts being reported on electronic and print media? I witnessed very few radio and TV channels talking about family gathering and self study. We need to drag positivity out of every negative thing. So, instead of blaming Corona, just thank her for above gifts. Human eyes are beautiful and so are our hearts. Let us enhance beauty and make this world a beautiful and pure land to live in. May Allah protect us in every difficult time!

The contributor is a graduate from Arid Agriculture University, Rawalpindi. He can be contacted at

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