Serving Humanity

By Mahrukh Nafees Malik

Living the chaos of materialistic lives,we often overlook the bitter realities that are overwhelming our standards of living by vanishing an ingredient of serving the humanity.

In terms of serving, so many Non Governmental Organizations are serving the needs or imperatives of the indigents which are mostly endowed by multinational companies or subsidiary by accomplishing their obligation towards humanity.

Hence the alacrity of NGO’s towards serving the humanity keeps on adding their disbursement in the year 2020 for the joys of jobless or distressed.

I came across so many subsidiaries who have been working anonymously under different Non Governmental Organizations and have been working for women hailing from different areas of Gilgit Baltistan. One of the organization works anonymously without any advertisement for the sake of serving the mass which rejoices idle and dysphoric hearts especially of women.

The organization works for the women who suffer from anxiety and depression ,who are perturbed regarding extramarital affairs.Among them some are uneducated and are tensed due to the never ending chores of home.

They want to get themselves free from  the daily home chores or monotonous routine. Some are those who cannot get a pocket money and they cannot earn as they are illiterate.They need to busy them selves in a way they can earn as well and their minds can also caught a healthy air..

So here comes an NGO which provides them a platform to earn a money for illiterates after seeking a free vocational course of a sixth month.

Some poor people at the age of 40 or 50 want to study.This organization also offers free education to those who want to study at the age of 30 or 40 as age is not a barrier to learning.Several illiterates got their primary education from here and then did matriculate.

Not only organizations but one can also serve in terms of humanity as it bring mental peace in a true sense.

In terms of piousness, a man in the street does his damnedest to fill the bill of humanity by agreeing with a fact of serving the humanity which sanitizes us from worst deeds.Giving bread and butter with the intent of popularity is neither prerequisite for under privileged ones nor it can get impecunious families freed from calamities or catastrophes of a supper less empty bellies.

The fact cannot be denied that most of the people serve without a mean.A few can feed a hungry mouth  with unfeigned honest feelings or they do it without any pretence.

Such ostentatious behaviour compels the indigents to fell into anxiety and phobia.Phobia of being advertised on media, phobia of being under privileged.As a consequence they cannot ask for money or food.

Do indigents have a self esteem?.If yes, how can we do such act just to show our power of the purse?.Showing poor of the purse results in the low self esteem of indigents.

In the prevailing year 2020 the outbreak of a pandemic disease COVID-19 jerks most of the citizens to get out from their pleasurable revelry and leisure.As

“Those who believe, do good deeds, keep up the prayer, and pay the prescribed alms will have their reward with their Lord: no fear for them, nor will they grieve.”
Qur’an (2:277)

I will end up by quoting a narration here:

“If you confer a favour, do not boast. It will not be lost if you do good and forget it”!

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