Lack of empathy  

Ali Azhar

Its repute is irrefutably tainted over the course of time. Its charm is lost to provocative discourse. It witnesses a slim portrayal. It has now become an emblem of haplessness. Empathy is no longer a noble part of our life neither those little deeds of kindness. Examples of empathy’s longstanding exploitation abound. Lets have a closer look at how the responses to this phenomenal shift, behave in a rapidly changing scenario.

The absence of empathy, as we observe its unflagging deterioration today, is taking a hefty toll on the much desired commitments that we are undertaking as wholebeing to create a peacefully diversified society. The critical discourse shaping around the notion of dwindling compassion, lacking empathy and humanity without generosity is rife with egregious flaws. History serves as a perfect tool to keep the records of such highly discursive historical narratives. Upon tracing the events of the past, it reveals that the complex relationship of these phenomena with our wellbeing appears to be as old as eons and so is the painful attempt associated with its slack interpretation as it aptly portrays in case of our extant age today.

The hardest part of anything lies in its meaningful interpretation. A kind of one that is acceptable to all and sundry without spawning contentious consequences. It is relatively a hard human endeavor to imagine when and how things will turn around in the good faith of the matter. But as human beings we always do keep our hopes and efforts high for good tidings to happen. Apart from what is good or what appears to be vile, the crystal clear arousal of indignation in every other matter of daily life has now become so filthy that it is widely seen exceeding beyond its thresholds, letting our naive perceptions vulnerable to a kind of froward and self style interpretation of the subject. With sufficient ingredients of intolerance, prejudice and hatred being systematically fed into our brain, this extensively conspicuous decline in moral rectitude continues unabated to soon witness a trepidation of complete obliteration. The highly hasty manner in which the matter is dealt for the time being, will understandably get further cloudier with every passing moment. One may possibly make similar allusions for posterity. Then in the middle of the heated debate yet another nagging question arises. Will the arduous task of getting everyone on board and mustering a decisive model of consensus in a mutually inclusive manner provide any royal road to get through this ranting? Putting a convincing answer to this question looks pretty tricky. However, every little effort of coordinated engagement also offers strong likelihood of providing an acceptable way for inclusion, dialogue and rapprochement. Let us be united to propound little deeds of kindness anew. This precedent might become the precursor for the next things of beauty and joy.

My concern preferably calls it a kind of wildest aversion or you may call it hatred, prejudice or decadence of one’s moral conscience. Albeit it takes a little deeper toll to differentiate it in rather pellucid terms. We may be quite right in our efforts to engage a vast part of our society in this discussion.


Tailpiece: It is utterly incorrect to call it overamplified. Lack of empathy invites open animosities, disquietude, chaos and largely becomes responsible for creating socially a disordered society. A society based on these foundations no longer stays firm on the ground. Longstanding issues then begin to emerge and widening cracks become palpable. Any attempt, in whatsoever hands, to characterise the good thing from the bad gets itself addlepated in the turmoil of egocentrism. It is yet another morally despicable precedent of immaturity that our present generation is constantly being exposed to. The need however, is of a quiet self introspection.

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