Renowned religious scholar, poet, Alwaiz Ghulam Uddin Ghulam Hunzai has passed away

GILGIT: Renowned religious scholar, poet and translator of the Holy Quran, Aaliah Alwaiz Ghulamuddin Ghulam Hunzai has breathed his last, after a brief ailment, according to a family member. He was 97 years old.

Alwaiz Ghulam Uddin Hunzai has the singular honor of translating the Holy Quran to Burushaski language. He had also presented a copy of the Quran’s Burushaski translation to the then Prime Minister of Pakistan, Shaukat Aziz.

Alwaiz Ghulamuddin had written extensively on various themes in Burushaski, Persian and Urdu. He was also one of the pioneering Burushaski poets. He developed Burushaski alphabets and also played an important role in establishing the rules of grammar for the language.

The late Alwaiz had dedicated his life to teaching and education.

He will be laid to rest in Sultanabad locality of Gilgit.

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