Married woman found dead in river, suspicion of murder

GHIZER/GILGIT: Dead body of a married woman, Tahira, was found in a glacial stream in Balim village of Laspur Valley, Upper Chitral district, in the first week of August.

Tahira, 25, was originally a resident of Ghizer (GB)’s Phandar valley and married to a man named Ghulam, in Balim.

Initially, there were reports that the girl had jumped in the river and taken her own life. However, family members have said that the circumstances of death are suspicious.

The husband of the deceased woman had reportedly told the police had his wife had gone missing the night before her body was found. However, some local media reports have mentioned that there were marks of suspicious injures on the deceased woman’s body, which might indicate trauma caused by violence.

Local journalists of Phandar have reported that some influential residents of Laspur (Upper Chitral) are trying to coerce Tahira’s family to reach a compromise and avoid police investigation.

Last month three deaths were reported as suicides in different parts of GB, but detailed investigations later revealed that the women and girls had been killed and their deaths were staged as suicide to save the perpetrators.


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