Gojal Hunza’s Largest Govt Hospital Lacks Basic Facilities

Sajid Hussain

 Civil Hospital Gulmit, the only functioning 10 bedded Government Hospital in Sub division Gojal of District Hunza needs attention of the Government institutions and Health department of Gilgit-Baltistan in particular.
After the commencement of the newly formed Grid Station in Gulmit Gojal the special electricity lines for the Hospital were cut off turning the Hospital into a dark room.
The Hospital has no electricity and many patients in emergency suffer during these winters. The electricity lines of the hospital need to be connected to the Grid station so that human lives can get their required treatment.
At present there is no LMO (Lady Medical Officer) to help the patients who come to visit a lady doctor. As a consequence the Mother and Children Health Department (MCH) cannot proceed further in carrying out deliveries and treat gynecological issues.
From the last 2 years there is no dental officer in the whole subdivision Gojal and the section remains closed till today. The Hospital’s laboratory is also not functioning from the last 2 years due to lack of a laboratory technician and required equipment.
The Hospital needs an OTA (Operation Theater Assistant ) to cope with RTAs (Road and Traffic Accidents) and minor surgical follow-ups.
The OTA who used to work at Gulmit was recently transferred to Civil Hospital Aliabad.
An X-ray Technician is on duty at the Hospital but Patients with History of fall and Bone injuries travel to Aliabad to get their X-rays done due to lack of electricity.
The Hospital has no ambulance driver , the current driver who operates it works for the National Program project.
There is dire need of the defender 4 by 4 vehicle at Gulmit to cope up with any emergency during the snow days. Currently the vehicle is at Distict Health Office in Aliabad which used to be at Gulmit.
Two Medical Officers (MOs) are performing duties in the Hospital but due to lack of basic facilities patients are suffering and travel to Aliabad Hunza.
Keeping in view the vast area of sub division Gojal spread over 8500sqkm,, these issues need to be viewed by the relevant authorities and addressed on immediate basis.

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