Tue. Jun 6th, 2023

Youth protest against “construction mafia” for digging football ground

By Shah Alam Alimi

GHIZER: Young people in Ghizer  Khas strongly protested against the ‘construction mafias’ for digging up playgrounds.

It was learnt that people related with construction industry in connivance with some other individuals  had started digging up available lands that include playgrounds to collect  gravel, stone, silt, clay and  sand. Booming construction has boosted demand of the said materials but absence of rules and regulations has let loose individuals related with construction industry to benefit from whatever is available for free on ground.

The practice has  not only damaged land and public properties but is also posing great threat to natural habitat and environment. It is pertinent to mention that nature has provided Ghizer Khas with dozens of playgrounds locally known  as natural-golf-courses. However due to climate change glaciers release extra water which results in erosion of river banks thus permanently damaging these historical natural-golf-courses. And,  now bad practices by individuals related with construction industry has added to the calamity. 

Protesting against the people involved in damaging the ground Football Club Terich, wrote on their Facebook page that playgrounds in Terich and Golakh-moli villages are being destroyed in broad daylight but no one takes notice. They  requested the deputy commissioner Ghizer and chief secretary GB to take notice of the situation and protect playgrounds as well as environment and natural habitat. Members of the community have requested the government to protect lands and save natural habitat by building levee system around the river banks. They said the government should protect playgrounds instead of destroying them.  The government was urged to find rules and regulations for people related with construction industry especially contractors in the region. 

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