Gilgit: Protesters demand freedom for 14 incarcerated people

GILGIT: Family members and supporter of 14 incarcerated people have been protesting in Gilgit city for the last three days, staging sit-ins at various places.

Sit-ins are in progress at Khazana Road, near DC Office, Zameer Shaheed Chowk. The area around the CM house has been declared a “Red Zone” and sealed, after protests were also announced.

Represented by the “Aseeran Rihayi Committee”, the protesters are demanding release of the incarcerated individual who have been in jails since 2008.

Protesters in Gilgit have accused the government of betraying them after promising release of the incarcerated 14 individuals during the time of election.

The imprisoned individuals are accused of being involved in clashes with security forces that reportedly led to the death of several people, including three women. Two security officials were also reportedly killed during the clashes in 2005, when a protest had turned bloody in Gilgit city.

The protests in Gilgit city are gaining momentum with people joining the sit-ins from neighboring regions.

Protesters expressing solidarity with the Aseeran Rihayi Committee have also announced that to start sit-ins at other locations.

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