Mysterious underground sounds creating panic in Shishkat and Gulmit, Hunza Valley

GULMIT/SHISHKAT: The residents of Gulmit and Shishkat, the most populous village in Gojal sub-division of District Hunza have been hearing mysterious underground sounds for the last several weeks. The sounds are sometimes also accompanied by small tremors, residents report.

The locals are unable to identify or understand the reasons behind the sounds due to which they live in fear and want answers to be prepared for any hazards.

It is pertinent that locals in these villages had also experienced such rumbling sounds and minor tremors in the past, especially after millions of tons of water accumulated in the valley due to blockade of the Hunza River triggered by the January 4, 2020, landslide at a village called Attabad.

Locals have urged the government and other stakeholders to investigate the sounds and help them understand the phenomenon and warn them in advance to take precautionary measures, if needed.

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