High Altitude Porter Muhammad Hassan’s tragic death on K2 after an accident

GILGIT: High Altitude Porter (HAP) Muhammad Hassan remained alive for several hours but could not be helped or rescued after facing an accident at the notorious “Bottleneck” section of K2, the 8611meters high peak located in Baltistan, Pakistan. The accident took place on July 28, 2023.

Hassan laid there helpless, tied to a rope, as several dozen of mountaineers and porters continued their journey to the summit of K2 steping over his body, a news report has revealed.

Published on Explorersweb.com, the report by Angela Benavides says that Muhammad Hassan was alive for upto three hours after facing an accident reportedly caused by an avalanche.

The report suggests that this was Hussain’s first climb of K2 as a High Altitude Porter (HAP). He had previously worked as a porter helping expeditions reach the K2 Base Camp. Hussain reportedly took the HAP job because he wanted to make more money to pay for her mother’s healthcare. Muhammad Hassan is survived by her mother, her widow and their three children.

The report further says that Muhammad Hassan was also not properly equipped.

Read the complete story HERE.

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