An Open Letter to Mr. Abrar Ahmad Mirza, Chief Secretary GB

To Mr. Abrar Ahmad Mirza,
Chief Secretary Gilgit-Baltistan
Subject: Urgent Request for Resumption and Completion of Stalled River Side Truck able Road Project Tormik Rondu
Dear Sir,
We trust this correspondence finds you in excellent health and spirits. We are writing to urgently address a critical matter pertaining to the stalled construction of the river side truck able Tormik road project, which regrettably ceased progress several years ago due to undisclosed reasons.
Tormik, with its *breathtaking beauty* and significance as *one of the largest unions of Roundu*, holds immense potential for economic development and tourism in the region. However, the current precarious state of its road infrastructure has led to numerous accidents, *jeopardizing the safety of both residents and visitors alike*.
The proposed river side road project, abruptly halted prior to its construction phase, not only pledges to establish a *smooth and accessible route for tourists*, thereby metamorphosing Tormik into an *economic nucleus*, but it also ensures *safe passage* for thousands of inhabitants in the area.
Moreover, the completion of this pivotal project carries *strategic significance* for future developments. Once finalized, the road possesses the potential to function as a *vital link between JSR directly to Shigar Tisar/ChuTron from Tormik Bridge on JSR (Byana Naqpo), effectively circumventing Skardu and establishing a crucial connection to the CPEC road; slated from Skardu to Yarkand, China, ultimately reducing the distance by more than 120 kilometers.*
The dire consequences of the road’s current state cannot be overstated. *Countless accidents have occurred*, resulting in loss of life and injury. Moreover, the lack of a proper road network has *impeded timely access to medical facilities*, exacerbating the suffering of patients who are unable to reach hospitals in time for critical care. Additionally, the local transport system, relying on makeshift arrangements, has proven inadequate and unsafe, leading to further hardships for residents.
Given the profound benefits that the realization of this project would confer, *we earnestly implore your intervention in promptly resuming and expediting the construction of the river side truck able Tormik road.* This endeavor aligns seamlessly with our overarching vision for regional development and connectivity, and we are confident that with your esteemed support, we can surmount the obstacles that led to its abrupt cessation and bring this transformative project to fruition for the prosperity of the region and its inhabitants.
Thank you profoundly for considering this urgent appeal.
Warmest regards,
Emaar Fatimey

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