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Salgirah Mela starts in Gulmit, Gojal

by Zeeshan Ali Gulmit, 6 july: With 11th July, the Imamat Day of His Highness the Aga Khan approaching, Ismailies across the region are have started preparations for celebrating the event, forgetting all hardships and griefs. In this connection a Salgirah (Imamat Day) Mela opened today, here, in Gulmit. The Mela...

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MERP worker laid to rest in Gulmit, Gojal

In a tragic accident, that took place in Azad Kashmir, yesterday, July 4, Ms Maujeen died along with one of her female colleagues. The driver of the vehicle and another person, sitting on the front seats, jumped from the vehciel and saved their lives. The dead body of Ms Maujeen...

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“Ali Afsar and companions not authorized to run the port”, says Yang Zimin

Translated by Noor Muhammad Chairman of the Pak China Sost Port Company (pvt) Ltd., Yang Zimin, has expressed concerns over the controversies inside the sost port. He said that the scenario had nega tive impact on the performance of the port. He said this in response to an email sent...

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C’neer Festival celebrated in Gulmit, Gojal

C`neer festival, declaring the arrival of harvesting season, was celebrated today, in Gulmit, Gojal. People gathered at the community center and celebrated the day by offering prayers for a good harvest and eating a special dish prepared using grains of Barley crop. While people in the village greeted each other...

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Shishkat defeats Gulmit Blue, in a thrilling Volleyball match, at Ghulkin

by Zeeshan Ali Ghulkin, July 3: The final match proved to be a wonderful display of technique and energy, as Shishkat defeated Gulmit Blue, taking the cup. The first of five sets was won by Shishkat but Gulmit made an impressive come back, defeating Shishat in the next two sets....

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