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Workshops on Challenges for Women in Contomparary World

A woman in contemporary society is prone to ever-increasing risks and challenges. The problems are now numerous and complex as compared to previously traditional system. In order to prepare and sensitize the local women in the Jurisdiction of Ismaili Council for Gulmit, Women Activities committee has arranged a series of...

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A Story of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto (by Tahya Rehman Alvi)

We have received the tribute of a 8 years old student of The City School PAF Chapter to Shaheed Benazir Bhutto. She is from Passu Gojal. According to Tahya Rehman Alvi Benazir followed the path of Zainab and died like Hussain. Read more……Read more jpg

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Hunza Triumph of Fantacy

Gojal has been mostly ignored in different documentaries and other research works. The below documentary has been prepared by focusing largely on Gojal valley. Part 1: Hunza Triumph of Fantasy Part 2: Hunza Triumph of Fantasy

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Aga Khan as an Inspirational Leader

Watch The tribute to Moulana Hazir Imam on Vision TV in Inspirational Leaders Week.The Aga Khan – A Voice of Reason Friday, Jan. 4, 9 pm & 12 am ET/6 pm & 9 pm PT Repeats Saturday, January 5, 10 pm ET/7 pm PTHis Highness the Aga Khan is the spiritual...

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Assassination of the Hopes of the People of Northern Areas (by Zulfiqar Ali Khan)

On December 27, I was in Barcelona, Spain on Christmas holidays. It was a very sunny and pleasant evening when my colleague received a SMS, informing that Benazir Bhutto is no longer in this world. I felt a sudden shock but then I thought this may be a joke or...

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