Nauroz in Afghanistan: The Colors of happiness!!


Photograph by Tayib Jan

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  1. People celebrate the day with relgious respect and with a cultural touch. They go to nearby hills and spend sometime with their family and friends (what is called “Jangal main Mangal” in Urdu). They prepare a dish called “Samanak” what we call SAIMAN in Gojal, I forgot what it is called in Burushaski.
    Afghanistan is not what is shown on media, people live normal life and enjoy days like these.

  2. Dear loopyor,

    I have just received saiman from Qazideh. Shogun muborak to every one

  3. Mehboob
    Hope you enjoyed the Haft Seen(7 seen) including saiman, shogun muborak

  4. Nawruz-e sa-id omed, Yo Rabb ki muborak bod
    Nuzhat be maz-id omed, Ya Rabb ki muborak bod

    Biguzasht pareshoni, az rehmat-i rabboni
    Alam shud nurani, Yo Rabb ki muborak bod

    Chun muzhda-yi id omed, mabda’ bima id omed
    Nowruz-i sa-id omed, Yo Rabb ki muborak bod

    By: Da’i of Khurasan, Husayn bin Ya’ qub Shah

    O Lord, Mubarak! For the festive Norouz has arrived, O Lord, Mubarak! For joy has come in abundance by Divine mercy, all sorrows have disappeared; the world has become luminous, O Lord! Mubarak! When the glad tidings of Eid arrived, the origin reached the place of return, festive Norouz has arrived, O Lord Mubarak!

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