Shishkat Youth Society celebrates Nauroze in Karachi

By Amjad and Sherzad

Karachi 22 March: Shishkat Youth Society used the occasion of Nauroz Mubarak to entertain and inform a large number of audience about various social, economic and political issues faced by our region, here in Karachi. S.U. Baig, former Vice President of Northern Areas Chamber of Commerce and Trade, was chief guest of the event.

p2250139.jpgYoung performers used dramas, skits, songs and qawalis to highlight issues and offer solutions. The dramas, especialy, were highly appreciated by the audience. Some of the issues covered were emerging economic class divides in the region, long standing political issues and difficulties faced in the field of Education and Health. A small skit enthralled the audience because of its simplicity and insightful script. It showed the social transion in Gojal between the years 1908 and 2008, in a very creative and captivating style.

All the entertainment programs challenged social notions, norms and practices, inviting peopel to think back and rationalize their actions accordingly. A large number of people from different parts of Gojal and Hunza participated in the event giving it a highly pluralistic aura.


The Audience

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  1. It is a good step to bring together people on such religious ocassions and is an encouragment for the youth as well. In future will be also good to organize such events in the village and to provide a platform for the people they live in Shishkat to discuss different issues as well as to entertain them.Because once SYS organized such program in 11th July and was very encouraging.

  2. though the programe was organised by the SYS on the village level but it was used as a very effective tool to spread the message of unity with all the other villages and remove all the confrontations with the brothers and villages.

  3. SYS, in my understanding, is one of the youngest student bodies of Gojal. It has made impressive strides toward organization of initiativest directed at betterment of the student community of Shishkat.

    I congratulate the bold maneavours taken by the SYS leadership and the leading members for making consistent and effective efforts for attainment of their organizational objectives.

    I would specially like to mention the name of Amjad Ali who, I know, is a creative mind and a determined young reformer. I salute his efforts and pray for fulfilment of his dreams. He is lucky to have a team of supportive colleagues and elders.


  4. Hats off to the organizers and I congratulate each and every body involved in organizing this event. Social interaction is one of the key and essential factors to bridge the gaps of emerging globalization which brings us closer at one hand but keeping us away at the other. Hence finding time to sit together and talk on some common but crucial issues is unavoidable in the current times. Pamir Times and gojal.net itself is one form of such initiatives.

    If any one from SYS is accessing the web and brows this site please note my emails and write me so that I’ll be able to remain in touch to explore further opportunity to strengthen SYS.


    My best regards


  5. Congratulations my young fellows. U can really make the difference and you have just crossed the first step. remember this the begining and you have too far away. the journey has just started. I hope and am sure that you will keep it up.

    Wish you all the best.



  6. Hi,
    The functions you are attending, i want to give u a suggestion that doing all these things it will be better to give donations and give scholarships to not affordable students in your village,i think investing your money in this way will be more baneficent,
    Thanks .
    I will be looking forward.


  7. i congratulate SYS on arranging this beautifull event . i hve a request for SYS that please please open a branch of SYS in rawalpindi/islamabad so can arrange those type of programes here
    plzz make attention on my suggestion . i will be very thankfull to the managment..

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