Wed. Aug 17th, 2022

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  1. when it come to any Good work done by Government in Hunza you become silent like being hibernated, like when Hunza District was notified then when khizrabad bridge was inaugurated, don’t know y??

    1. Dear Hunza Distt was our right, this move is not of PMLN or Ghazanfar this had been initiated by China and their authorities.
      Don’t support Ghazanfer a duff and dum man, he even not paying his electricity bill.Khizeranad bridge was very old scheme. Hunza people you are educted don’t be fool by fake arguments.

      1. Ohhh… for God sake…what about Nager? And the Baltistan… was that because of China? China has nothing to do with such miscellaneous things… but, the people of Hunza should not underestimate the efforts of Mir…people of Hunza have seen their vulnerability in the political setup of GB in the leadership of wazir Baig and Nazir…Don’t forget the incident of Ali Abad and the crackdown on the Hunza people… Mir has restore the dignity of Hunza…

  2. Being as pure patriotic Hunzai defeat corrupt politician Mir Ghazanfar, we are no more slaves of his family.
    Hunza people please grow up politically

  3. I do come here a few times a month, just to hear about the wonderfull region we visited 23 years ago, already… would love to visit again with our boys, eventually to climb and hike around like we used to. One cannot forget such hospitality, but traveling Pakistan is not as easy as it used to be, pitty.

    1. Dear Alberto… I frequently see foreigners in the Karakurum region, although the number is not the same as it was before. you can still enjoying travel in the area, I think.

  4. Pamir time is improving day by day i can see a bright future and i feel PT will be a biggest and renoun news paper and chanel across GB and Pakistan. (National/international). Its just begning keep it Up.

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