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Dear Volunteer Reporters 🙂

Thank you for expressing confidence in Pamir Times and the willingness to contribute towards the cause of an open, democratic and peaceful society.

You can send us news reports, analysis and opinions (articles), creative prose/poetry (English and Urdu),  photographs, videos and audio-recordings also.

Please send all your contributions to

Kindly also send us your photographs to be uploaded on the page “The TEAM”.

You can send us the news in Urdu also. We will translate it and post it in your name.



عزیز رضا کار ساتھیو

پامیر ٹائمز میں رضاکارانہ  شمولیت پر ہم آپ کا تہہ دل سے شکریہ ادا کر تےہیں. ہم  ایک جمہوری، آزاد اور پر امن معا شرے کی تشکیل کے لیے آپ کی کاوشوں اور جذبات کی قدر کرتے ہیں

آپ ہمیں مصدقہ خبر، اپنی آرا، تجزیے، تصویریں، اور تخلیقی کام، ویڈیوز اور ڈیجیٹل آڈیو ریکارڈنگز

پر ارسال کر سکتے ہیں.

آپ ہمیں اردو اور انگریزی دونوں زبانوں میں خبریں بھیج سکتے ہیں. اپنی ایک عدد تصویر بھی اوپر دی گئی ای مل ایڈریس پر بھیج دے تاکہ ہم اسے ٹیم پیج میں شامل کر سکے.



    1. As an IT related person, I must say you should do following things:

      — Create a related website with some informative contents, pictures of area, How to be there and projection of peace in the area.

      — Create pages or upload pictures with the name of area on social media websites.

      — Promote some cultural festivals of your area on web.

      You people are great and can convert every impossible into possible.

  1. Publicity plays a key role.No need to write a book you can just attract masses by simply writing in to a news paper.

  2. sir i have already sent u an email consisting the pics of an important event held in islamabad by the youth of gilgit baltistan ( the margalla clean up expedition by ECO adventure club islamabad). i am waiting for it since last monday so please publish it.

    1. saw your website, there is not much data on internet about your valley chupurson …. keep up the good work *thumbs up*

  3. __________________________________Dear ALL————————————————
    __________________MY SPECIAL CONGRATULATION TO ALL THE YOUTH-WHOM IN THE LIGHT OF GJ FARMAN—————__________________:_____________________TIME AND KNOWLEDGE NZRANA————————————————-
    ___________________THEIR TME AND KNOLEDGE NAZRANA FOR THE PAMIR TIME__________________

  4. Realy, it is a matter of great pleasure for all of us visiting the PamirTimes. an amazing and marvalous job done for the area communities.
    Let be united and give top priority to aquire the best possible education, knowledge and experience the only solution to mend our destiny.

  5. The grandson of Uzr Khan (who was imprisoned by Durand) told me that his grand father (Uzr Khan’s) grave is in Dandusa village near SKIMS Medical College.I am posting this place on google earth.It is an unmarked grave known only to the family members.I have requested him to install a tombstone bearing his name at the grave as it is historically important. Hope he does it.This info may be interesting for Hunzakuts.

  6. brother i dont now how will you attract tourist at this time ,where your country is fighting .the best you can do is just close your eyes and sleep

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