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[Feature]The women who would restore a symbol of Hunza’s history

by Noor & Asghar Khan As the nine hundred years old Altit Fort gets completely restored  in the year 2010, not only would facade of the ancient fort have changed in the middle of Hunza valley, a deeper social change would also have taken roots  in terms of perceptions regarding gender roles  in the society. Traditionally labour of...

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Animation movie “SHREK” dubbed in Wakhi language, renamed “Babirzung”

by Noor Karachi, September 20:  Persistent hardwork of ten months, by a group of self motivated youngsters from Gojal valley, bears fruit as the first ever Wakhi dubbed animation movie, BABIRZUNG, is presented to the viewers, for pure family entertainment. BABIRZUNG is being released on the day of Eid – ul – Fitr, in Islamabad. It has been termed...

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The old wine and bottle in a new wrapper – Enter the Governor

The Federal Minister for Kashmir Affairs and Gilgit – Baltistan, also the Federal Information Minister, is sworn in as the Governor of Gilgit – Baltistan. Oath taking photographs by Asghar Khan

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All Hunza Action Committee briefs media on agitation plan

by Farman Karim Baig Gilgit, September 12: All Hunza Action Committe (AHAC) has formally unveiled an ambitious and comprehensive plan of peaceful agitation for the resolution of their demands. AHAC plans to hold peaceful protest demonstrations and rallies throughout Hunza Valley. A long march from Hunza to Gilgit has also been planned. If their demand for additional seat in...

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Khunjrav – Karachi peace walk

by Farman Karim Baig Gilgit, September 12: Asghar Ali Rumi and Ejaz Ali Rumi would be making history soon if they are successful in attaining what they have planned. They are planning to walk for peace from Khunjrav (Sino – Pak border) to Karachi, literary from one end of Pakistan...

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