“Open Wakhan – Link Road”

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Addressing a joint meeting of Wakhi Tajik Cultural Association (WTCA) and Gulmit Orgnization for Local Development(GOLD) Agha Langar Shah, a Wakhani delegat, apealed to the government of Pakistan to open Wakhan link road via. Chipursan Valley in Gojal. Chief Executive of Northern Areas, Mr. Ghazanfar Ali Khan was cheif guest on the occasion.

Agha Langar Shah said that opening the link road would usher a new era of trade, commerce and tourism in the region. It would also help promotion of the common cultural heritage shared by the Wakhis residing on both sides of the Afghan border, he said.

Agha Langar represented the Wakhani delegation that visited different developmental projects in Gilgit – Baltistan. WTCA and GOLD had organized a cultural show in honor of the visiting Wakhani delegation here in Gulmit.

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  1. Getting connected through a road would be a historical moment for the entire Wakh population living on the Roof of the World. I am sure that it will open a new chapter of progress for our brothers and sisters in Wakhan and other part of central Asia. It will also give us a chance to play our role in bringing them forward. Their economy will groom, they will gain access to the means of prosperous tomorrow. Let us see on the other side as well. As many reports and studies suggest that the harsh climatic condition has compelled a huge majority of Wakh people living in those areas to use certain drugs. That might travel to our part. The only thing we need is welcome our brethren and educate them stay away from such unwanted and undesired things.

  2. That will be a great economic revolution. I think some surveys for the same route were done in the past but we never got the results. Anyhow, if this happens, we will be able to have more avenues for economic, social and cultural development.

    This will be a great treat for the entire population of Northern Areas and especially areas like Chipursan, where a lot remains to be done.

    Sultan Ahmed- Canada

  3. And

    For no reason
    I start skipping like a child.

    For no reason
    I turn into a leaf
    That is carried so high
    I kiss the Sun’s mouth
    And dissolve.

    For no reason
    A thousand birds
    Choose my head for a conference table,
    Start passing their
    Cups of wine
    And their wild songbooks all around.

    For every reason in existence
    I begin to eternally,
    To eternally laugh and love!

    When I turn into a leaf
    And start dancing,
    I run to kiss our beautiful Friend
    And I dissolve in the Truth
    That I Am.
    Alam Jan Dario

  4. Alam Jan Dario,

    Inspirational and meditative!!

    It beautifully expresses the ‘heest and neest’ and the sufistic expression of ‘halool’!

    Is this piece a translation of of your Wakhi poem? If you may post the wakhi version.

    Amin Beg

  5. A very good idea about the transboundry interaction between the khicks.This would in broader terms be having great socioeconomic importance for the people living on either side of the boundry.
    People have been dreaming to have some connection with the central asian countries through chipurson.If the link road is mapped and finally constructed will bring true many dreams and would pave a way towards new horizons.
    A very good idea and an action in this regard would highly be appreciated.

  6. just for Amin beg sohib
    Te hawol e chiz ne deshym,
    dem te khayol e chiz ne deshym,
    de taw sawol e chiz ne deshym,
    dunyo shamol e chiz ne dishym,

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Alam Jan Dario

  7. A dream of all the xiks of Pakistan and Wakhan……I pray that this materializes during my life…..I want ever xick mardum to freely travel and exchange our historic and cultural haritage as well as modern tools to get knowledge and spread our messageof peace to the whole world.

    Poverty has confined the true high landers, the xiks to the hardest areas and we should extend our help to xiks especially to the xiks of Iskoman who are the most neglected of us and those living in teh remotest corners of Wakhan.

    I hope access to modern secular and religious education will also help those who are edicted to use of drugs.

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