Mr. Amjad Ali of Shimshal passed away in Karachi

Pamir News has learnt about the sad death of Mr. Amjad, here, in Karachi. Late Amjad Ali was in his mid forties and father of three children. He was a banker by profession. He belonged to Shimshal and was living in Karachi for the past many years because of professional engagements.

We offer our deepest condolence to family of the departed soul and pray for elevation of his darajat in the hereafter.

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  1. I would like to express my deepest and sincerest condolence to the family, on the demise of a very active and educated member of our society.

    May Moula give them peace and strength to bear this tragedy…Aameen.

  2. I am deeply shocked to learn about this news. We convey our heartfelt condolence to the bereaved family and pray that may his soul rest in peace and may God give his family the strength to pass the days of mourning in peace and tranquality.

    Amjad bhai was a senior student, supporter and mentor to many of the Gojali students who traveled to Karachi. I remember when we were working for the students and for cultural promotion in Karachi, he was the amongst the first to support both morallly, financially and politically.

    Last time I talked to him was a months back on phone, when he was concerned about the ongoing issues between the Shimshal community and the KNP. He wished a peaceful and amicable solution to the problem , where the rights of the local people are protected.

    Though he had no opportunity to attend university education, his communication skills, knowledge of various social, development and business issues and way of living was inspiring to many of us in the 80s and early 90s when we were in Karachi.


    Amin Beg

  3. So sad to hear the news of Mr. Amjad’s demise. Last time we met him on the occasion of Eid-ul-Azha, when, on our request, he came to our merit citation program at SMS Auditorium where he spent the whole day with us and expressed his immense happiness on the progress of students from remote vallies of Hunza/Gojal.

    This is an irreparable loss for his family, friends,village, and the whole valley of Gojal. May his soul rest in eternal peace. (Aameen)

  4. It was this evening when we got the sad news from the sudden death of Mr. Amjad. Last year we had the pleasure to travel with him from Gulmit to Besham. We offer our deepest and sincere condolences to his family. We will always treasure the short time we had together with Mr. Amjad, a great and honorable person.
    May his soul rest in peace. Amen.

  5. Inna-Lillahi Wa Inna-ilaihi Rajio’on.

    May God Bless his soul with eternal peace! Amen.

    I personaly consider Amjad bhai’s untimely demise as a great loss both for his family as well as for the rest of the Wakhi community. We lost another self-made person…………..

    I offer my condolence to the moaning family members living in Karachi and in Shimshal valley.

  6. It is really shocking for all of us as one of the important and dignified personality has left this trecherous world for eternal peace.May his soul remain in peace(Ameen). He had contributed alot towards the settlement of many problems faced by the students of Gojal.The most impotant thing about this personality is that, despite the fact that Shimshal was in a very crucial phase – having no connection with rest of the world, he was the person who had the conviction and motivation to move ahead as an enthiusiatic and determined man. He left behind much more for the younger generation of Shimshal especially, to follow his for a prosperous and progressive life.
    I hope that every Shimshali in particular, and Gojali in general, will cherish his deeds and value his contributions which have been engraved in the very deeper layers of our memory.

    I offer my condolece to the moarning family in particular and people of shimshal in general

  7. Inna Lillahi wa Inna Elaihi Raje’un.

    He was a self made man. I can remember him since he was in Gulmit for his studies living with a relative in my neighborhood in Chamangul. He lived a life full of struggle for education, for a better life for himself and his family and children. He was a true role model for young Shimshalies in particular and for the whole Gojalis in general. His skills to communicate with people and his hard work was always a source of inspiration for me and many youngsters from Northern areas. His sudden demise is a great loss for his family and his community and for Gojal.

    My God bless the departed soul with peace and the family with courage to live without him…..Amen

  8. It is a very shocking news about the demise of Amjad Bhai and a big loss for the Wakhi Qoum. He was a great and exemplary volunteer and a great donor for the Wakhi students in Karachi.
    I convey my heartfelt condolence to his family. May Mowla give him eternal peace and give the strength to his family to bear this big loss.

  9. we are deeply shocked to learn about this news. He was such a great man. May his soul rest in peace.(Amen)

  10. I do not have words to express that how much I was shocked when I heard this sad news in an isolated place. I remembered the days we spent together as students because he was leaving with us during his education in Gulmit as Sher Karim has rightly mentioned.
    Amjad Bhai used to care for me like a good brother and a good colleague. However, he did not stop his moral support to me till the end of his life so we remained like a family. I will never forget his positive attitude for personal and professional development. I learnt a lot from him. So in return, I pray for his soul in peace and patience to all of us connected to him strongly (Amin).

  11. I met Amjad Sahib on 1st February 2008 and that was unexpected meeting. He gave me so much respect in our very first meeting that I cannot even express. In simple words he was a Gentleman and that is why he earned respect from each and everyone he met through out his life. It was pleasure meeting him. When I got to know about his death that was truly a shock. Mola will give strength to his family and children. Pray as much as you all can do for his soul’s eternal peace (amen).

  12. I met Amjad Sahib on 1st February 2008 and that was unexpected meeting. He gave me so much respect in our very first meeting that I cannot even express. In simple words he was a Gentleman and that is why he earned respect from each and everyone he met through out his life. It was pleasure meeting him. When I got to know about his death that was truly a shock. Mola will give strength to his family and children. Pray as much as you all can do for his soul’s eternal peace (ameen).

  13. I still cant believe that amjad chacha has passed away. I will really miss him. He was always there with me, in sorrow and in happiness. He was one of the most hardworking and nicest people ive ever known. I wish he was here to come to my wedding.
    May Allah bless his soul. Ameen.

  14. It has realy come to me as a shock that Mr.Amjad Ali has passed away and is no longer with us. And it hurts me more that I will never be able to meet him ever. Hearing about his hard working skills from his daughter, Maheen Amjad, he was truely a painstaking person who had huge responsibilities on his shoulders which he was covering up with great determination and will power. With all that, he had a great heart, bringing up his children in the best possible manner.
    I am deeply honored to have been a part of his life. I share my deepest condolences with the family. May God help them out of this misery with ease. Ameen

  15. AoA,
    i was in my tution while my teacher entered the room silently and told me to bag back,and did not answer any of my furthur questions,It was when i had glimpse of the tears of my mother and only then i realised something traumatic had taken place,my mother is a very strong person,i would never see her crying under any circumstances but there my heart also started pounding not knowing what had happened,mother told me that my grand father had passed away, from that moment i still do not believe that it occured, i spent the golden years of my childhood with my grandfather and it was unbearable for me to withstand the most shocking news, he never let his problems to be known, while he would care for others, he is the one of the most courageous person i hav ever known. His loss of life is very very breath taking for the people of northern areas esp shimshal,now i am going to leave it here before i burst into tears again. May his soul rest in peace and May ALLAH bless him with the air of heavens, i will always remeber you PUP.

  16. I was deeply saddened to hear about the death of Mr.Amjad Ali. He was such a hardworking, kind and gentle soul.may the bright memories of his great deeds give peace and consolation to the family and may his soul rest in peace. (ameen)

  17. thanks to all the respected people,who shared their,comments in pamir time
    about my grandpa.once again i m very thankful to all the respectable people
    of gojal.i m not that much expert to write ,

  18. Truely shocking news. Amjad Ali was am amazing human being- selfmade man and his life time progrss demonstrated a real success story through hard work.

    I could not manage to talk to his family members. However I would like to record my condolance to his family members through Pamir News. Allah may rest his soul in permanent peace. Ameeen


  19. Amjad Ali was a good human being. I have an opportunity to spend a very golden time to my young age with him in Karachi. He was famous for his hospitality,nobleness,vision and many more. For students of Shimshal in Particular and entire Gojal in general, he was a hope. I think many students will remember him for long for his great services provided to them in Karachi.He was my relative,wellwisher,brother and many more. In fact he was ambassador of Shimshal in Karachi.
    May Allah, bless he soul in eternal peace.Aamin


    It has been a long time since I last met Late.Amjad Ali. I met him last time, ten years ago, in 1998, in Lahore where he was presiding over a meeting of SNT(a community based organization) task force members.

    I was studying in F.Sc at that time. By chance, I joined them. I listened them with full concentration although I was not mature enough to present my own point of view. Today, whenever I recall my past,each saying of Amjad Ali comes in my mind. His vision toward community upliftment and education was unprecedented. Sahib (a friend of mine) who met him in Karachi one week before his tragic death told me, “Amjad was optimistic for educational progress of Shimshal. He was of the view that we can only change our society if every single home has at least one educated person there.”

    It was because of his farsightedness that any one who went to Karachi for seeking education, Amjad marhoom always supported him/her morally and financially.Today, a huge number of students who completed their studies in karachi, often talk about the services offered by him. Every student in particular and common man in general has many memories attached with him.His contributions in different walks of life will be remembered for a long!

    Personally,he was a good human being with many God gifted abilities.He was a development activist, community mobilizer, problem solver and much more.His hospitality,love,nobleness and leadership will always remind us of the past. We have definitely lost a legendary personality but our sympathies and social attachment will remain with his family members.My Allah, rest his soul in eternal peace and bless him with “Janat-ul-Firdous”.

    Being a relative, and son-in-law of late Amjad Ali, I would like to thank all those people (from Karachi to Gojal) who showed their sympathies and love to his family members either by phone, mail (internet) fax or personally met them. We will never forget your love,affection,and sympathy. May Allah bless you the rewards. Please pray for the departed soul.

    Thanks again.

  21. My heart bleeds….

    We have lost the icon of Shimshal-the source of pillar;my heart bleeds for the sudden death of my grand pa.
    He was a father figure to the whole Shimshalis. He was a pillar of strength,guidence and support.His door remained open at all times for everyone. He was renowned for his kind heartedness,selfless sevices. The whole Shimshal has lost a visionary and great entrepeneur,who had the ability to think beyond what suits for
    the Shimshalis.

    We have lost a true leader and a total inspiration.My hearts bleeds for such a great lose. Its time to complete his unfinished business;his mission-his vision and vioce. He had a simple message and that is progress with unity. To protect our village from every existing dangers. The dangers and roaming all around we must flux our muscles to counter them. Lets pledge to complete his mission with great care,unity and strength. Oh Maula give us vision and wisdom to start a new era of progress.
    Unity is the best way to appease his soul. We must seek unity among us. The more scattered we are the more weak and vulnerable we are. The more disunited we are the more insecure we are. This attititud is quite uncompatible with what the Grand Pa wished for the people of Shimshal.Its right time to
    forge an allaince to kick off a new journey-a journey of struggle based on compation,tolerance and trust.
    My heart bleeds for the sudden death of my grand pa. God bless his soul aameen.

    Sher Ali

  22. the second shock……
    After the sudden death of my dear and kind uncle,when the shock is still feeling by by every one in hunza and particularly in shimshall,the second bad news when i was searching the web site of k2 news and when i read about the news about ten climbers who were swept by charming ice and they have passed away.MR,JAHN BAIG AND MR,MEHRUBAN KARIM who were busy to clime the second highest peak in the world were also the part of dead.
    its a very big loss of their family particularly and for generlay for shimshali.i pray to my beloved moula,give their soul in eternal peace.(AAMEEN).
    Both were the young and eight thousad m summitter.their service for shimshal community was unforgetable which they were done in the complition of shimshall road which is known an impossible task.may GOD give their soul in etenal peace.(AAMEEN SUMA AAMEEN)


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