Aziz Jan, Chairman Union Council Gojal – 1, condemns fake statement issued in his name

Aziz Jan, Chairman Union Council, Gojal-1 has rejected his alleged involvement in posting defamatory comments on a news item titled “Police Highhandedness triggers protests in Gulmit, Gojal”, published in Pamir News some days ago.

Talking on phone from Islamabad to Zulfiqar Ali Khan of Pamir News, currently in Germany, he said, “I am not a regular reader of Pamir News but some one has informed me about this news item and the defamatory comment that was posted in my name”.

He further revealed, “I have thoroughly investigated the issue and have  found that the comment was written and posted by a very highly educated person belonging to Gulmit, using my name”. Aziz Jan said that he will deal legally with all the involved people for using his name to create conflict in the area and to defame the volunteers of Pamir News. He thanked Pamir News for not approving the fake comment issued in his name.

After publication of the news item “Police Highhandedness triggers protests in Gulmit Gojal”, Pamir News twice received a comment sent using a fake email address and name of Aziz Jan. Due to the use of harsh, abusive and unacceptable language and defamatory statements against a particular individual belonging to Gulmit, Pamir News did not approve the comment for publishing.

[As you all are aware that each comment posted on Pamir News goes through an approval process . We have enacted the facility to deal with similar situations and similar ill intentioned people. Only those comments appear on our website that have been approved by the moderator].

Pamir News received the same comment once from Islamabad and again from Karachi, as the IP addresses indicate.

Ignorant of the approval process the big perpetraors of this tiny conspiracy informed the person in Gulmit that Aziz Jan had defamed him on the internet. They must have thought that the comment would automatically appear on the website so they even promised to the person in Gulmit that a printed copy of the comment would be sent to him via. Fax.

But when they did not see the comment appearing on the website they printed another fake page bearing the automatically generated system reply “Your comment is awaiting moderation” and sent that to Gulmit Council. The readers of Pamir News who regularly post their comments on news items published here shall be faimilar with this phrase. They have sent the fake, unapproved – unpublished, comment to the council and the individual against whom it was written. We have confirmed from Gulmit that the print sent to them through fax is the one that was not approved by Pamir News.

The same people, going further, notified police officials and office bearers of the council in Gulmit and told them that defamatory and abusive language had been used by Pamir News against the family of Shehbaz Khan. All our readers will reject these accusations because we have never abused anyone. It is against our ethical standards and policy.

This created panic in the village and we were contacted by some village elders. On their desire and request we took the news item, along with all comments it received, off-line and, instead, issued a “Clarrification”. 

Let us also inform our readers that volunteers attached with Gojal Net, Pamir Times and Pamir News, have received threatening emails and phone calls since the publication of that news item.

Based on facts, it is now proven that this game was played in order to politicise, defame and pressurise all those associated with GOJAL NET, PAMIR TIMES and PAMIR NEWS.

We request such people that instead of of using such mean tactics they should  directly forward their reservations and points of view to us. We  will publish them to provide our readers with balanced information.  

However, we pledge and resolve that we will continue our mission of rationally and objectively raising voices against injustices, corruptions, mismanagements and actions taken against the interest of our beloved society.

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  1. This is a dirty and tricky game played to damage the overall popularity of Gojal Net. I agree with Sajjad that we need to expose such culprits, whoever He is. We being readers of this news site are part of this side and are sure that the person is not from us.

    We all r open for all parties and well come to all, who r well wishers of Pakistan, Northern Areas, Hunza and Gojal. This is a warning for us all as well, that how the personal benefits and gain r dominated on our personal life as compare to overall befints of the Area and people.

    I in my capacity strongly condemn such acts willingly or unwillingly.
    I must end now with quote: Unity is Strength.

  2. Pamir Times has a good intention and most of the readers, I believe, believe in it. The only reputation this cheapskate has tarnished is his own. I’d say he tried to defame Pamir Times and its supporters, but in “stepping” on it he lowered himself.

    Have you not read in Genesis? We are to go forth and subdue the earth, and rule it with Justice and Humility, Mercy, and Pride (the right kind of pride of course), uplift those around and speak kindly of adversaries.

  3. This is good gesture that Aziz has sent his version of the story and u provided him the space. Others who feel aggrieved should also do the same in a constructive dialogue process.

    However, this forum should not be allowed space to discuss and engulf our time and energy to read and comment on ‘non-issues’. This is not a forum to play ‘hide and seek’ nor should we make it ‘Cat and Mouse show’.

    Lets agree that all volunteer members who contribute to this forum identifies themselves, as we in our culture identify ourselves to eachother when we meet and discuss.

    Make it simple rule. Intruders and strangers are not allowed to speak at this forum or cast aspersions at the contributions of others. However, we agree and strongly support difference of opinion, constructive criticism and dialogue.

    We should have the courage to reveal our identity and stand by what we have written or said openly.

  4. Online journalism has its own charm and benefits but it entails such risks and dangers that needs to be tackled with extra care. It is not difficult to unmask such criminal minded unscrupulous elements. They should be punished under cyber crime act.

    In solidarity

    Abu Khayyam and Avecina


  5. It is indeed not in favour of our area and people to get involve in such debate and actions and again it is also a moment to reflect as to confirm things and place them as news or comment. it is our common responsibality to respect every individual of the society and take care of the dognity and social respect. So lets be one and try not to discuss pitty and personal issues on this forum

  6. It is high time to be more responsible and purposeful in our comments and contributions. Difference of openion should always be wel come but the ethics and moral values should never be compromised.

    I condemn those who have committed this totally un-ethical crime.

    PAMIR TIMES should take this as an example and discourage such elements who have tried to malign you.

    Sher Karim

  7. 100% Agree with Sher Karim and SALMAN—-

    Please be above from ur personal interest and like dislikes—-

  8. good comments,youth should be a versatile,they should be on the top. yes i agreed.

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