Admissions, Careers, Scholarships

By Rahim Nazar

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  1. Dear Noor

    The great work u r doing for the JAMAT needs no praise. In reward my IMAM bestow u and ur comming genration. I pray for ur success in life spiritualy and materially. Is it possible that, through GOJAL NET u creat a link with the Councils and REB & LEB regional Education Board and Local Education Board of Pakistan?

    I ll be on a tour of three days to KARACHI, if u do spare time I ll arrange a meeting with Chairman, Education Board and if possible vice President of the National council.

    with a lot of good and sweet wishes–who is Rahim Nazar just for my information—-

  2. the word complication is gradually diminishing and the concept of easy access is emerging coz of the efforts of all of you.

    Previously it used to be really difficult to access to the different scholarships departments or to retrieve information about the scholarship programmes.Thanks to the field of information technology which has really made the access easier.Moreover I must appreciate the efforts of pamir times for making things more amplified by making use of the their expertiese and talent.
    Guys,the time we are in is really equiped with all the utensils that make things more easier and comprehendable.It is now all upon us as to what level we are making use of all these incentives for a noble cause.

    I would equally appreciate the suggestions by Baig Ali sahab for the creation of linkages with the different Immamti institutions of the country. It will keep the youth in touch with the differnt jamati activities going on across the country.Moreover a source to organize the youth and to provide them with updates in jamati institutions.


    Student of molecular genetics,Lahore

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