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Interim Management Setup at Silk Route Dry Port, Sost!!

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March 31:  Ali Afsar has taken charge as Chairman of the Silk Route Dry Port, Sost. He will be heading an interim management setup that finishes the nine years old setup, headed by Ghazanfar Ali Khan and his son, Saleem Khan.

Talking to Shukoor Azam Rumi of weekly Baad-e-Shimal Afsar, reportedly, has said that the outgoing management had been plundering funds at the dry port that handles imports and exports between China and Pakistan. He accused the management of causing monitory losses equaling 300 million rupees to the shareholders and national exchequer.

Afsar, along with newly appointed directors Sulan Ali, Alam Jan and Ahmad, said that vested interests were trying to create a rift between the peopl of Gojal and Hunza. He further said that the new setup will look after the interests of the shareholders and landowner, unlike the outgoing management.

Talking in a forum organized by weekly Baad-e-Shimal they said that Mir Ghazanfar had illegaly managed the dry port for nine years, hindering all efforts to organize the constitutionaly required elections after every two years. They further accused the outgoing cabinet of hiding annual revenue figures from the directors, members and all stakeholders of the border port.

The interim setup, it is being said, has yet to cross many hurdles before taking complete charge of the port. They are still to take oath of their offices. With uncertainity hanging over the head of the interim setup there is little hope that things will improve at the second largest investment in the history of Gojal, after construction of KKH.

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  1. Congratulations for the newely appointed chairmain and his is my own opinion that with our Mir Gazanfar of Hunza the silk route dry port has to be establish was a dream.because formation of an international business bay is not that much easy rather then to take the charge of a builted Organization.
    All of us are well aware of the history of Silk route dry port trust, with out the efforts of Mir Ghazanfar of Hunza it was impossible to approve from govt of pakistan to build this dry port in Sost.
    lets hope for the best and see how and in which track this team will run the dry port sost.

  2. Mr. Rahmat Karim. Admittedly Guzamfar’s leadership, and support in establishing Sost Dry port was essential. However, it was not estbalished to loot and plunder. It was aimed at expanding Sino-Pakistan business relations, and also particulary benefiting the local population of Northern Areas. But over the last one decade Mir and his family have mercilessly exploitated the Dry Port system to their own benefit. When some politically conscious people, challenged and tried to expose what was happenning in the Dry Port episode Mir and his family tried to create rift between the people of Gojal and Hunza. This was a sinister attempt and a dangerous game to create mistrust between our people. Now is the time to investigate Ghuzamfar’s unlawful activities and bring justice to him.

  3. Congratulations to Mr Afsar and his team. But I am still not sure about this development, because from last few years we see and hear such developments and at the end same result. “Gazanfar is the chairmen”
    I appreciate and respect Mr Rahmat Karim’s opinion but I want to clear some points. first Mr Ganzafar is not our MIR now he is our CE NALA and I am one of his supporter in politics.
    2nd. at the beginning there was no single effort of Mr Gazanfar in the formation of Silk rout Dry port trust, the idea came from CBR and then the Local council and the local people start working on it. later National council worked on it and when the ground was ready, all documentations were completed then people of Hunza invited him to join them to strengthen the community and make links with Govt. . cuz according to him he still has lots of political power being a successor of our last Mir Jamal Khan.
    I still remember the sacrifice of people of Sost, when 600 Chinese labors were facilitated and meal provided at Sost JK for 15 days, and demolish an orphan (Mr Hayder’s) home to get the bricks (Cement block) to build rooms and kitchens for Chinese labor and the Cash of Rs. 18,0000 taken from the bank during the dark night from the TDR account of local Organizations KhunjrabVillager Organization (KVO) (account people will understand the difficulties to withdraw TDR cash) to pay the custom bill for dry port material, and at that time there was no Ganzanfar no any other to support but the local people and local organizations. I am the eye witness for all these developments, no one recognize these sacrifices, today no one from Sost village is taking single Pisa from Sost port, KVO is considered by Gazanfar as a big threat and Mr. Hayder is trying to get lone from HBFC to build his house,
    And I am surprised that why people of Hunza specially the Gojlaiz are still silent.

  4. as i read all the opinion of the above people and i want to give an idea that the people should be able to stand on their on strength they did not depent on the MIR ghazanfar ali strenght. as thee problem of dry port is becoming critical day dy day

  5. from the above openions we came to know that what has been done with the administrational system of the sost dry poart, the whole scineario reflects that there is a lact of a defined commatee.
    that commetee which should be elected by the local share holders as well as the local people of the area which could bring a fair commettee which could easily govern the whole setup and one more for this election is that there should be a merrit eligibility criteria so that the person elected can easily understand the paper work going on there by which the red tapped activities could be easily ceased which improve and enhance the economic conditions of the local people as well as for the benifit of both the governments.

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