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Oath-taking Ceremony of Dry Port turns ugly in, Karimabad, Hunza

Our Special Correspondent

The new managment of Silk Route Dry Port, Sost, was ready to take oath to office at a local hotel in Karimabad, Hunza, when Eman Shah, a district councilor from Shinaki – Hunza along with hundreds of his supporters stormed the hotel, in a bid to sabotage the event. Eman shah was a director in the previous managment setup of the border town dry port. He is also the vice-chairman of Gilgit District Council.

A large number of police were deployed by the local administration to control the situation. Amid tight security the new management took the oath to office. However, the oath taking ceremony might prove to be futile because a powerful lobby backed by the Cheif Executive of Northern Areas Legislative Assembly has been able to get a “status-quo” order from a local court against transfer of administrative authority at the dry port.

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  1. This is not the way to resolve the internal issues, this is worng attitude and we as a Nation and Community shall Condemn it. This is the duty of the local district adminstration and law enforecment
    agencies to keep peace in Hunza region.
    Now it is time to be unite and decide a fruitfull and sustainable solution of Dry port issue.

    So far i could not understand, why the notables and instituational leader ship is not involving to reslove the crisis of this Problem.

    I would say, if such incidents will happen in future, then some other local issues will be increased.there for commnunity leaders, youths and notables of Hunza shall be togather and take a Positive decision…..other vise once if the fire has errupted then would be not easy to controll.

  2. It is very sad event. No one will appreciate such nonsense move by a political representative (not worth enough to be called political leader). The one who has been a prominent journalist and so called peace activist during the past conflicts in Gilgit. I still remember few of his writings on peace and conflict resolution. He was asking people to forget their losses for the common good. He would blame some external hands involved in destroying the peaceful environment in Northern Areas. He was motivating the people to come together and fight those who create rifts in our society. I was thinking that Mr. Shah is a kind of educated and sensible person, but this event is contradicting his positive image. Such events compel us to think and believe that these so called political persons can do anything, even will put our homes on fire, for their cheap personal interests. I am not sure if he has got a single share in the project. Even if he has than he must put forward the common good factor. Why did he perform the role of external hands? What did he want to prove? That he can take a bold step? It might earn him short term fame among a very limited circle, but he will lose his integrity and trust on larger scale. His this behavior will add to rather than ease the issue. It will seize the economic opportunities from the people of Northern Areas who are making their livelihood from this project. It will snatch the income source from hundreds of poor daily wage workers. Ultimately will lead to the sufferings and poverty in the area. If it is the ultimate goal of such political leaders, let the people decide their fate.

  3. It is totally outrageous that Ghazanfar and his minions should seek to disregard the will of the people, by sabotaging a process that is aimed at ending and rooting out corrupt practices from our area. Eman Shah used to be a journalist who took, relatively independent positions on various issues in Northen Areas. However, it is ironic and sad that people like Eman Shah should indulge in these sorts of criminal activities and allow themselves to be used as pawns in the hands of people like Ghazanfar.

    Now is the time for our youth and the educated class to step forward and demonstrate a sustainable comitment to bring positve change. It is possible if we unite because we have nothing to loose but a whole new Hunza to win. But the question arises as to what would unite us: there are plenty of things that should unite us. Dry Port, loss of our traditional values and a struggle to reclaim them……..and so on

  4. As living in a peaceful valley we all should resolve our internal issues with peace and through dialogue process and must have to think what is better for the benefit of our area and all the upper level management from northern area should involve to represent their particular areas to resolve this crucial issue to keep the region in peace because this will cause a tremendous problem for the people living in the region. We must have to keep our personal interests aside and must work as a unit to fulfill the requirements what is need to kept our peaceful valley in peace.

    The Following points must have to consider while taking any decision on this issue

    • We must have to make any decision as a whole instead of any particular group or individual
    • Decisions must have to be taken what will be better for the future of the people living in the region and personal interests must not involved while making any decision on this crucial issue
    • All the leaders living every where in northern area must need to take a part to resolve the issue with peace
    • There should be no issue while participating in the dialogue process like Language, Community etc.

    Almighty Allah May Guide Us to Live With Peace and Unity

    Piyar Ali

  5. salam to all
    Many of my friends and lupyors have shown thier grief on the happening while oath taking ceremoney. I would say that it is nothing new, we all know that issues like these have been solved in the same way in our areas. frankly speaking it has become a trend.
    The main figures who are running and governing the area have thir own benefits and they always go and run of them. They don’t care about the common people. They have injected the selfishness germs in some of thier tamed workers who further make thier problems easy to solve on a community level.
    one of my brother said that what is the thing that will unite us, nothing is impossible but we have to make our selves prepared if we are really and seriusly in favour of bringing any change.
    The thing which can unite us is a same approach towards the political,social and religious affairs
    we must have a slogan” don’t do injustice and don’t let any one to be injust”.
    Raise voice against the corrupt one even if he isyour father.
    Don’t always go for personal benefits. Also think of others.
    Be unbaised.
    my opinion is like this . what do you say
    Amjad Ali
    AAJ TV

  6. My comment in this regard will merely be in few lines.
    Whoever claim to be the governing body of the dry port should wholly and solely look for their credibilities and credentials
    The era is of meritocracy and people should be inducted on the basis of their capabilities and not on the basis of their family backgrounds or some kind of favouritism.
    I am really sorry that still some families are considering themselves superior and trying to capture a position of eminence without realizing the true spirits and talents that are emerging and would call a spade a spade one day not very far from now.
    Things must be settled and the those should be inducted which are deserving and can play a significant role in the progress of the region.

  7. I think Eman Shah is trying to put Hunza into fire, just for his 30,000/moth salary. he is doing all these for his boss Salim, we are still requesting him to please leave this Chamchagaree otherwise people of Shinaki and Gojal will never allow any person to bring social gape between them. I hope you will undersatnd this….

  8. The act of Eman shah is not obnoxious; what he did and other will do is mere there capability and competence and what they are capable of doing. We can not expect any thing better. The thing which is more shameful and regrettable for us is that, being proud of our literacy rate and education we are still not able to run and manage a small dry port in sost.

    What I want to request all of you young chaps to prepare your self to cope with issue like this and others which are imminent. By developing your leadership and managerial skills.

  9. What does Eman Shah and other want to show here? Is it that they think they can bully the people of gojal into submission? Two years ago no body give a sh*t to what Eman Shah was and even now no one gives a damn. Winning a district council seat and shamelessly being the director of the dry port does not make him a warlord.

    He should be ashamed of himself. One thing that he is forgetting is, that he is from Hunza and not from punjab. He cannot bully people like the chodiries, wadaras, maliks etc do in other parts of pakistan.
    I cannot imagine an educated person from Hunza can commit such a stupid act.

  10. I think the Dry Port Drama should be stopped immediately as the public in the Area is fully conscious of the unnecessary activities of the so-called Drama. I request them to please don’t play politics (as per their Big Boss) and discontinue the unnecessary activities to sabotage the peace of the Area.

    Thanks and Regards
    Didar Karim (Advocate)

  11. This is highly condemnable, If there is a little sense of shame in him, he should quit the office of district council immediately. and by the way why is Mr. Ghazanfar so quite? being head of the NALC he should condemned this act of violace, even if his own family memebrs are involved in it.

    Aziz at Mansehra

  12. Intellectuals around the globe and even in Pakistan have always set lofty goals for themselves and thus History has always celebrated them for their intellectual courage and the power of their pen. In Pakistan such writers and poets as Faiz Ahmed Faiz, Habib Jalib, Sadat Hasan Minto and others were the beacons of light reminding power-hungry Pakistani politicians of their responsibilities and commitments. None listened to these voices and as a result what we are seeing now is a mess in the rather short history of Pakistan. Democracy never took off, poverty is not decreasing, inter-ethnic and inter-provincial harmony has now become a far-fetched idea, and Pakistan has now become a hotbed of parochial extremism. Whether it is Arbab Rahim pelted with shoes thus giving him the ultimate disgrace or Akbar Bugti being killed by members of the establishment, Pakistan today has lost the vision of its founders. Now what is happening in Hunza vis-à-vis Dry Port is nothing but the replay of standard Pakistani politics and manoeuvring. I agree with one of the commentators above (Sajjad) that the remarkably tolerant, peace and justice loving people of Hunza are not interested to import a miniature of dirty Pakistani politics to our society. While people of Hunza pride themselves on being educated, and say that pluralism is one of their founding values then the sort of behaviour demonstrated by Eman Shah and his cronies is absolutely disgusting and these people must be defeated at all costs. We, the politically conscious and the educated class of Hunza should take concrete steps at this critical moment to disband and stop the politics of violence embodied by Guzamfar’s sons and Eman Shah. If we don’t do this then violent politics will graft itself, slowly, in our body-politic. It will ultimately eat away our beautiful and peaceful social fabric. This will also create intolerance, extremism and would possibly take a violent turn.
    It can also increase rift and distrust between the people of Gojal, Burushaski speaking people, and the Shinaki region. This is totally unacceptable and must be discouraged.

    Best regards
    Ali Al-Hakim

  13. hello to every on thank to give there comment on the dry port issues, still over youn youth are still not invole i main to say every educate person should be partciped it not the one village problem whatever had been done in past i don’t say any think about this is wast of time.why the people are not working to gethere the resone is that still the king familes hello to every on thank to give there comment on the dry port issues, still over young youth are still not involve i main to say every educate person should be particpaid it not the one village problem whatever had been done in past i don’t say any think about this is west of time. why the people are not working to gatherer the rezone is that still the king families trying to get every thing in hand but they dame families will never success their plane becoz now day every one is king. just it’s time to set together and point out that kind of rabesh people who never thinking the local area people will
    establish there life and give there children well education i request to the northern area well educate persons should make a commeety to work for the northern development originations’ it’s time to support the new managements and also give them some time period to give a good rest otherwise change them also soon

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