Gilgit - Baltistan

Iman Shah reinstated

By: Zulfiqar Ali Khan

Hunza, Jan 3: Khurshid Ahmed, the special judge of election tribunal in Gilgit, reinstated Iman Shah as member district council from Shinaki Hunza, by suspending the official notification based on its previous judgment in favour of Baba Jan.

The next routine hearing of the petition of Baba Jan will be on January 13.

It is here to note that, Baba Jan took oath of office on December 23, 2008 after the judgment of election tribunal in his favour.

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  1. The fledgling decisions of law courts in Giligit-Baltistan starkly remind us of the need to strengthen systems of local governance, and rule of law. It is through an independent judiciary that is trained to the highest standards of jurisprudence that we can hope to build a prosperous, peaceful, and progressive society in Gilgit-Baltistan. The cat and mouse story of judicial decisions of in the Iman Shah-Baba Jan case demonstrates the disempowerment of our judicial system and heavy role of power politics that apparently meddle in the decisions of the courts. The weekly change of decisions in court judgments is clear evidence that faceless power-brokers are trying to block the course of justice and instead wish to perpetrate and even encourage lawlessness in Giligit-Baltistan. With due to respect to the judges and other office bears of Giligit courts it is with surprise that I note the behaviour of Judge Khurshid sahip in passing such as a hasty judgement to re-instate Iman Shah.

    Like the Sos Dry Port court judgements that completed its own cycle of judgements and counter-judgements this case, it seems, would also travel its vicious circle. May we ask when will we begin to start trusting the functioning of courts in Gilgit?

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