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We should continue the national struggle with hope of success, says Hoor Shah

Editor’s Note: We have received a written statement from the newly appointed President of the Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) – Hunza chapter. We are publishing the written comment as it is.



Dear Sir
I am sending following message and response to the recent news items on your website about my appointment as Chariman of PML-N. The following statement is also a response to Amin Beg’s comments on your website.
While I would sympathetically agree with Amin Beg’s concern that the political mobilisation must be organically rooted in our societies in order to be authentic and perhaps effectively forceful as well. I welcome wholeheartedly any indigenous political movement that places issues of good-governance, eradication of corruption and other social malaises’ at its forefront. I will be the first person to celebrate and enjoy this happy outcome, as you may know that a substantial part of (my) career has been devoted in preserving our local culture and saving our heritage.
But before thinking of launching indigenous political moments or waiting for one such movement to emerge, we should also push for a greater national struggle. If the people of Baluchistan, Punjab, Frontier province and even the people of Hunza had not supported Bhutto in his great epic struggle, on the grounds that he was a Sindhi or his concerns didn’t really matter to us, imagine what would have happened to his vision for a liberal Pakistan. If Muslims of the sub-continent, as diverse as Pathans, Bengalis, and Punjabis had not supported Quaid Azam for a free Muslim homeland, i doubt that we would have gained independence from India. It follows that our people either in Hunza-Nagar or elsewhere should commit themselves in broader national struggles, in the hope of achieving greater political goals.
I would also like to highlight and emphasise the vital importance of the need to identify ourselves and own efforts with broader national struggles in the hope of integrating our voices with the mainstream political parties. These steps can help us effectively demand our legitimate rights. It can help us putting our problems on the national agenda thus attracting national attention as opposed to be divided in regional, dare i say locked in communal frames of mind and action.
Pakistan Muslim League is the oldest party in the country which has survived the test of time, and assorted assaults on its integrity. It has always stepped forward with a remarkable resilience. The legitimate party leadership from Fatima Jinnah to Nawaz Sharif today has tried to remind Pakistani people about the vision, desire and aspirations of our founding fathers. Time and again, corrupt political leadership has tried to exploit it for their vested interests but the party has always come clean. You can see the splintering of PML into Q-League that simply served a self-filling dictator. It was PML-N, along-with Benazir agitated for democracy, and it has committed itself for the restoration of judges, and other vital national issues.
As they say that ‘politics is the art of the possible’, i have taken the burden of leading the party in Hunza to speak my mind, and conscience. I have stepped forward to make things possible such as presenting problems of Hunza-Nagar in a way that would i hope gain national attention. I have worked on a diverse range of platforms, including Ismaili institutions, NGOs and other civil society initiatives and have always stood with the just and the right.  And i believe that i will do the same now as well. I have taken this step after a profound disillusionment from my own past and my politics. I hope this new step will help me redeem my true self as a torch-bearer of justice.
On this occasion i would particularly welcome and urge our young generation to join forces, including those of PML-N, to challenge the systematic political corruption that has engulfed our beautiful land.
I hope that this comment sets the record straight and possibly opens new vistas for more deliberation and discussion on problems faced by us in Hunza-Nagar and elsewhere.
Mr Hoor Shah can be reached at  

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  1. I respect the views expressed by Shah Sahip, but not necessarily agree with his assessments.

    I also appreciate his commitment and efforts in promoting the local culture, voluntary work and professional contributions to institution building.

    However his past association with politics was not free on criticizm. Now that he speaks of his ‘profound disillusionment’ with his past politics, lets hope that he will address the real issues facing Gilgit-Baltistan through his affiliation and struggle with this important national party.

    May I request Shah Sahip to share his/or his party’s agenda for the first 100 days (atleast for Hunza-Nagar), so that we all support and monitor his plan, as voiceless citizens of this country.

    Amin Beg

  2. It is really good to see a response from Shah Sb, we do expect he will continue to be in touch with the people of Hunza Nagar through this forum, while answering to the many questions that arise in our minds. Lets wait for his party’s agenda for the first two three months.

    Aziz at Mansehra

  3. Mr Hoor Shah has shown a great sympthy towards the people of north , we hope that he will give his wordings a practical way. But frankny speaking it will be quite tough for Mr Hoor shah to even make the people listen what he is saying because people are now irritated by such political promises and MAKHAN LAGANA.
    Mr Hoor shah sahib this is the last chance for nawaz sharif, zardari and all others to do something for people bacause they have done too much for themselves.
    AAJ TV

  4. congrats Mr Hoor Shah

    politics a word that sounds sweets and attracts everyone.but the realities are a little bit different espeacially here in pakistan,its a game of earning shortcut money,blaming the opponent talking alot about development and stuffs like that but doing nothing.

    everybody comes in with a hope to get some bones…

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