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Volunteers of Pamir Times receiving life threatening messages

The volunteers of Pamir Times are receiving threatening and harassing calls and messages from a group of people to stop presenting facts about Sost dry Port. The same people are also using the relatives of PT voluteers to pressurise and force them to stop reporting events of local interests.

The team of PT reaffimrs their commitments to continue defending the interests of local community without compromising the ethics of journalism to present the truth. We also invite such individuals to use Pamir Times as a platform to rationally discuss and present their informed views related to issues of common interest

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  1. Strong and powerful are not those who threaten and oppress the oppressed and vulnerable, rather strong and powerful are those who support the oppressed and vulnerable.

    Coward are those who cannot support the oppressed and vulnerable, rather they harass and threaten them either openly or clandestinely.

    This verse is dedicated to the volunteer journast/reproters of the Pamir Time:

    Tunda e bad e mukhaalif se na gabr e uqaab
    Ye to chalti hey tujey uncha udaney ke liyey

    This is great news that the volunteers of Pamir Times are receiving threaning messages. This shows aht how much strong is this platform whereby voices of the educated poeples, not only from Gojal or Hunza, but rather from the entire Northern Areas converge like a mega dam. What are the benefits of the dam, those cowards should understand rationally who are threatening these voluntary jouranlists. If those bold people are so strong then instead of giving threats behind the screen in coward manner, they should come out boldly and openly to this forum as and start discussing the topic of Dry Port keeping view the justic and equity (if there is any ray of conscience in those people).

    It should be noted that this forum, Pamir Times, is not a supporter of any particular group rather it aism to address the critical societal issues and provide an effecive mechanism for those issues and problems. This forum will ensure supporting the fundmental elements of accountability, transperancy, equity and justice, meritocracy (not only in theory but also in practice), freedom of expressions (not that freedom as we notice in Denmark), respecting views and rights, esp. of the despressed, oppressed and vulernerable in contrast to the the despressers and oppressors and negatively strong individuals or groups.

  2. Tundiye bade mukhalif se na ghabra ay uqab
    Ye to chalti he tujhy uncha udane ke liye….

  3. Well, I will revert back to my previous comments on such a situation that was reported when the volunteers provided coverage to some issues related to a reported theft at the district councilors house and arrest of local youth.

    If the volunteers and activists of PT and all of us contributing at this blog are objective, providing the right information at the right time, analyzing news and events fairly and squarely without prejudice to any, and if we are speaking and spreading truth and only truth, and making no judgements of our own, only expressing our opinions and making our views and feeling known to others, without hurting others feelings and views, and if we are providing the other side of the story equal space, then there is no way we should be ashamed of what we are saying and doing! We should be doing it again and again.

    As for those who disagree with any piece of news or opion, they have the right to do so, and make their opinions known to the people through whatever means they are able to communicate, and think best serve their political and personal interests.

    However, we can only say, social, political and differences of opinions can best be solved through debate, discussion, dialogue and discourse.

    Resorting to violence, and threatening ‘people of the pen’ is an instrument used by dictators and repressive regimes, and mafias.

    Lets pledge to speak the truth and make the truth known and flourish, and let the values of tolerance, pluralism and diversity of views overcome the forces of darkness and ignorance.

    Amin Beg

  4. Dear readers,
    It is a well saying that a pen is mighter than a sword.
    The time doesn’t demand the fightings on the basis of physical strength rather mental and intellectual strength.
    It is really surprizing that people are left with only this option…………………………..which is really embaracing.
    The one’s who were ruling the whole area are just left with this option…………………………………?Those who were well conversant and strong communicators once upon a time are just left with this option…………………………………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I must say that if someone has reservations must adopt the tool which is more effective in this era rather than suppression.

  5. It is really unbearable that some people giving threats to those who took veil from the real face of blacksmiths, I would like to mention one thing clearly to those who still think themselves superior & mighty and think that they are still the rulers, are in the world of fools. The only way to live their life there or to win the heart of peoples is to be honest & sincere with the community and with the Area .as they have already lost the respects for themselves, acting like this will totally eliminate even their identity.

    Riaz Zoqi ~
    Khudaabad Gojal

  6. They have already arranged for their exit by their acts: first by breaching the trust of common people while they were given numerious opportunities in the past by supporting them in politics, secondly by steeling money contributed twords shares by common men, women and thirdly by threatning those who are working volunterily to keep people informed of what is happening around.

    In my openion we have seen their true colours by testing them time and again, and now they should be shown their way and treateed what they deserve for what they have done to keep our people ignorant and backword for centuries. It is high time to say good bye to them.

    I would like to ask those who still have sympathies for the so-called Mirs should review their stance and think wether they want to die with the Mirs or want to live with the people.

  7. salaam pamir news.its very bad news that our only source of news parson giving life threats its very shameful act who give this fox style warning i slut my pamir news ,i am sport to u when i have last drop of life ZINDZ ABAD GOJALI

  8. “A pen is mightier then a sword as a sword may only take life while a pen can change the world.”

  9. first of all i pay salam to all of the volunteers of pamir times that due to their hard working they are providing every kinds of all of the readers,
    but it is very shameful for those who are giving such kinds of warnings, let them free of giving warnings the pepole who is not able to do any thing,can give only warnings’
    keep it on

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