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Protesters demand release of water from dammed Hunza River and political activists from jail

Gulmit: Protesters carrying a banner during the second anniversary commemoration of Attabad Landslide Disaster

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Karachi, January 4: Hundreds of young students, professionals and political activists rallied in different parts of the country to express solidarity with affectees of the Attabad Landslide disaster and the havoc wreaked by damming of Hunza River.

A protest demonstration was held in Gulmit, the Tehsil Headquarters of Gojal Valley. Protesters blamed the government for failing to fulfil its promises of early release of water from the dammed river. They also demanded justice for the two IDPs, father and son, who were mercilessly killed by police in Aliabad, while they were protesting on the arrival of GB Chief Minister.

The speakers also thanked the government of China for sending relief items for the entire affected population. In Gulmit the protest had been organized by Gojal Youth Organization.

Youth in Karachi gathered in front of the Press Club on the call of Save Gojal-Hunza Committee and raised slogans in favour of the people affected by the January 4 incident. Speakers highlighted plight of the twenty five thousand people of Gojal Valley and those displaced from Attabad and Sarat Village, forced to live as IDPs in different parts of Hunza.

Karachi: Protesters carrying placards in Karachi

The protesters demanded of the GB government to handover the spillway excavation project to some Chinese company, taking it from Frontier Works Organization.

Protesters in Islamabad gathered in front of the National Press Club and walked demonstrated against the detention of political activists, including Baba Jan Hunzai, the lead of Progressive Youth Front. The protesters demanded arrest of the two policemen who had shot two IDPs protesters in Aliabad Hunza, on August 11. The protest had been organized by Progressive Youth Front.

Islamabad: The protesters walking with lamps in their hands to remember the 19 people who were killed as a result of the landslide disaster

The speakers also demanded that the government should implement the development projects for which funds have been allocated, including provision of scholarships, improving livelihood means and speedy excavation of the spillway to ensure release of water form the river.

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