Aslam Khan Ghalib Wins Debate In Punjab University

Lahore, May 08: Aslam Khan Ghalib, a contributer of PT and student of molecular Genetics at Punjab University, has won an English Debate competition titled “Technology Impedes Morality”, organized by the varsity authorities. Sixteen students from various disciplines contested in the competition.

The ceremony was presided by Professor Dr. Javed Akhtar, head of Biological Department. Chief guest of the session was Dr. Shahida Husnain, Dean Faculty of Life Sciences. The judges included the Director of Biological Sciences department and chairperson of the Psychology department.

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  1. Aslam KHAN, great…cheers…. We must be proud of creams like yourself and Noor…hope your successes and achievements will grant you humility and humbleness and above all passion to utilize your knowledge and skill in the best interest of your community, society and your country. ….i also hope it will help you to be the voice of truth, awareness and progress. A huge cheers again!

  2. he aour bhi dunya mai(n) sukhanwar bhot achhe
    kehte hai(n) ki Ghalib ka he andaz-e-bayan aour

  3. good man that is what have been looking .to be like you .Keep the passe up to mark. if Im not wrong I met you once and that moment I had realized that you are some one who can live according to the level of the present world .
    anyhow welldone but that is not the end for you . make your steps

  4. tremendous loopyor!!! its really an honour for us to hear about your achievement. its great!! good luck for success in future.

  5. It gives us enormous and immense happiness and it is really a great honour for us. I thank you all for appreciating Ghalib, my elder brother, on behalf of him and my family members. We are really proud of him and thank you all once again. Well done Lupyor keep it up. Best wishes for your upcoming papers and research. Love you so much.

  6. many more like this are still ahead waiting for you…..well done…


  7. It is a great achievment, Aslam. Keep it up and I hope our young generations will follow you having you their role model.

    Congrats. We are all proud of you


  8. Congratulations Ghalib for the Win, it makes us so proud knowing that ,we have that calibers that one never expect in that part of country!!!! great

  9. Ye Gholib! Yem bu chutput she’r ti destan:

    Ofarin ey Aslam Jon
    Nixhtet dzaq xhue ilm e kon

    Ghal be pueruet kat qadam
    Ter puerutet woz Aslam

    Mueborak tar yem rwor
    Woc tu niv haskem swor

    Me lecer daeng rwor bikor
    Ilmer xhat lecer biqaror

    Kertet spo yem sarbuland
    Yem soxt wuch spo sarbuland

    Sar-buland tu zaruer woc
    Baddimogh tu dzi tag me woc

    Musofir car yor du’o
    Me wost tam kibr e blo

  10. ahaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh
    very welldone dude
    u r a shining star for us
    keep on ………………………

  11. I would like to personally thank you for your support,love,care,affection,sympathy and moreover your guidence.
    Your comments have really mesmerized my soul and given me an emotional touch.
    I can see how much my dlders,brothers and sisters are caring and possessive.I have no words to thank you but i expect every young member of the society to give a very good and impressive image of yours and your whole society before the world.
    I believe that the place we have nurtured in is bestowed with much more than we have ever realized.It is a true educating society which gives you a balanced growth.
    I would like to once again thank every individual for the concern and the love you have shown.

  12. Dear Ghalib,
    congrats for great achievement ,we are proud of our youth who are performing good .keep it up man ,i thing we should travel again from gilgit to rawalpindi .
    meherban karim
    Bagh ajk

  13. congrate ASLAM for your great achivment we are proud of you and your knowledge this is the right time to cash your knowledge keep it up and welldone….

    Didar Karim Bari
    NUML university islamabad

  14. great ghalib, i hope that you will be such a unique role model for our new generation and keeping you in such a way that people starts learning from you so keeep it up well done

  15. Congratates for your wounderfull achievement in your co corricular activities, we are all proude of you guys.
    Keep it Up!!!


  16. Dear Husham Ghalib, please accept my deepest congratulation for such a wonderful achievement. I know you talk a lot in very innovative way and it works—. Samina also joins me to say mubarak for winning the competition.

    Sajjad A Khan

    Riyadh. KSA

  17. A great indication towrds a great distination for our progressive youth. folow galib and become an active part of our grooming youth.

  18. Great to know Ghalib. mnay congratulations and remember…. Taray samnay aasma(n) aur bhi hai(n)

  19. dear ghalib
    it is a start for you i know you can triumph more challenges,go on and keep it up

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