Time to Wake Up

by Mirza Ali

I have strong faith in God’s Mercy and kindness. In every difficult situation he has pulled me out, rescued me in every difficulty, I have no words to express here, for all these clemency and graciousness! Thank you God! for being with me whenever I have succumbed to my weaknesses.

Yes and my parents! Always there to support me, provided what ever, I demanded, even staying empty belly long days as well nights and many from clothing to other necessities, my mother gave me birth….. Fed me, protected me always cuddled, sheltered and kept me aloof from all that miseries that would hampered my that tiny life, my father supplied from his tight income cloths, shoe food many more…then school……College….. University Of course other dear supporters, when ever, where ever I came across, my comrades and any who had been, has been there to make me worthy in the eyes of the world. . Now expecting me???? (Ponder).

Reviewing all above stated points, For this reason, Today, 2nd of May 2008, I bought a new pen, a General and my books, exactly my Text non-Text books, grabbing pen, holding Book and hoping for a good move in life, I know life is not full of roses, hot and cold is waiting out there, but desperation is sin (I am once told), losing hope and losing heart is, the only way to stoppage.

Saying all these meant, I have a positive posture to avail, what ever is, within my range and posses all that what is viable, and reveal what I have in, dimension and setting my Goal accordingly. Because an important phrase that I learnt today is “Impossible is found in the dictionary of Fools”

For achieving, my high goals, what do I need to do? What is the prime route that leads to realization of my life objectives? And, do I possess some life objectives that I cherish passionately? How deep do they root with my existence and how profoundly do they affect my success and failure? What can make me a vivid star performer? What makes me flushing out, gruff stuffs, that only basks nothing then reality, how to exaggerate and how to fix and figure out the possibilities and sensing the top priorities of the time and age and where my standing is?

What I ought to do to be emotionally convinced and to be well ‘focused’? Nothing can make me, star performer! Unless and until I am well plus fully focused, for achieving what so ever goal, lies with strong focus attitude, how strong I can focus, what is the focal point, and need to know what focus is and why focus? And how long I need to be very focused, what will be the hurdles, how to make them away and how to eliminate them to get to the marked line, the magnitude of my work and more its potential, how that associates with factual aspect of my focused target,

Getting these points, obviously, I will make my way sure, and can achieve my aimed goal, within a frame and possible time. That will make my action acute, realistic and pragmatic one. The entire career “academic non-academic” is focused, who is, how focused concerned to his/her career? This makes one understand of the bypass and optima of ones capability, and making his/her appearance credible, even in incredible situations.

The arena has now; challenging, challenging environment has left people in cry! Most of the new generation is bewilder including me, how to make them run with time and system, most advanced and less developed people have reached to a crush point, where struggling forces have come to win, win position, they are not losing even a single moment to make opponent stronger, this has brought immense pleasure as well ruin to the world! Advancement in science has been dear and making things dearer, this correlation has made both way hard!

But I am still optimist, sensing plus knowing the chief dimension of my success being FOCUSED, Still there is way out, making ones (min) choice in a realistic and rational way, that can bring bliss, easiness and then feeling the BURDEN ZERO Is the only possibility. I am doing from now because my parents, my siblings, family and wider my nation has enormous expectations out of me, to do well in the society for good. My look out and observation despite thousand reservation, do once your self, and sense what I have stated is right or not. Go and be well FOCUSED from today. Hope there is constructive result as well Reward waiting for all!!!

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  1. Good new nice expression, and mixed philosophy .
    what should it be called ………………WHAT is this . Is it for the nation of for friends
    sorry but yes its a positive sound and voice ……….

    NOOR and ZULFI

  2. It is a good inspirational narrative. I hope our budding intellectuals, journalists, engineers, political actvists concerned with issues of justice and others who are engaged in embarking on their careers, one way or the other, will seek guidence from Mirza Ali’s thoughts. As Mirza has attempted to play a vital corde of the ambitions of our youth, i hope and pray that it may help spark light in their minds.

    Best regards
    ali al-Hakim

  3. “The deeper sorrow carves into your being the more joy you can contain”.. 🙂

    I really like the way it is written.
    Sounds very true and ambitious. It surely is some food for thought.

  4. Nice to hear from new individuals. its new way of expression, new method but agree with zulfi n Noor as mixed philosophy. try to narrate thing in arranged way but not in confusing way. one thing whic is very iportant that is cosider your reader as layman. focused points should be linked.
    i appreciate

  5. Dear Noor & Zulfi

    Thanks for the display!! & appreciated your comments of your likes
    It is a half way attempt to Motivate, engineer and stimulate the dear friends & sisters of every sphere to assure their full concentration plus involvement in their respective field of studies. It is not to any individual person or group, it wraps whole nation. Of whom expectations are in queue as well high.
    Being felt the ordinary performance of students (like me), even having “HIGH RATE SCHOOLING” in their early academic life (except few).this uncertain decline in professional career is unbelievable and disgruntlement.
    The core to be
    1> lack of professional approach
    2> less career counseling & guideline
    3> inconsistency and heedlessness
    4> dissuading by friends (bad friend circle)
    5> lack of motivational events
    6> deviating from FOCAL POINT

    The stated points I feel effects the efficiency of high graders in professional career, most of them do not met the expected goal and those who have not even strong academic background suffer a lot. But struggles to reach his/her desired and promising goal, To give a possible message of change
    I did an approach, to link “remind” our faith, belief and * parents as well nation expectations. *Then our activities in this era, sensing the demand, snags and also achievable targets,* I tried to make us (youth) understand and fixing our goal, (could be achieved) by being FOCUSED. * In the advanced and scientific society and occurring of events (competition). And life standards, relishing of benefits as well inverse.
    I feel this plat form a home, from where most of us can acquire maximum guideline as well encouragement. Making us realize of the true happing in the days ahead and how to get prepared to face the challenges.one can suit him/her with best out comes of this idea

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