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Two students from Passu qualified for national level art competition

Hunza, May 31: Two school students from Passu have qualified for the national level Golden Jubilee Art Competition titled “”Friends of the environment”  to be held on June 8 at PC Hotel, Lahore. The competition has been organised by Aga Khan Planning and Building Services, Pakistan with the collaboration of Ismaili Tariqah and Religious Education Board for Pakistan and Ismaili Council for Pakistan.

Ejaz Ali son of Haqiqat Ali is a 9th class student of Al-Amyn Model School Gulmit and is among the 3 young artist from Hunza region to qualify for national level competition. Fazil Aman son fo Nadir Aman has qualified from Gilgit sub-division. Both artists will participate the national level competition along with their parents. Iqbal Sadruddin Waljis, President, Ismaili National Council for Pakistan is expected to be the Chief Guest of the final event.

The jury for the regional level competition was comprised of Professor Nazish Attaullah, Principal National College of Arts (NCA), Qadoos, Asst. Professor NCA and Rumana Hussain, a famous writer and artist.

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  1. Very good news, I am so happy to see the young boys both of them sons of very prominent persolalities of Passu, Haiqat Ali (late), a great teacher of his time and Nadir Aman, the great artist of Northern Areas. These young boys are surely having inspiration from their great parents.

    It will be great motivation for their younger friends to compet on the regional and national levels.

    It seems the fruits of Al-Amin have started to ripe in the shape of its students comming up very stongly in every sphare of life. It will be a moment of great pride for the management and teachers of Al-Amin.

    Congratulations to the parents and their families for having such brilliant childern.

    May Allah bless them with every success in thier life.

  2. Kudos to Ejaz and Fazil. Keep it up…. you have a bright future ahaed of you

    Sultan Ahmed

  3. i pay congratulation to both my villager that the have got appear in the national art competation.that is really a God gifted blessing to them. it is really best for the future of pakistan. i will request the admanistration of D.J.M.School passu to incourage the students ,that the will also do their best in comming future

    ha sher dil passvic shahbas mola savar rand.

  4. very well done boys and well done Nazir Ahmed Bulbul as I remember that he has been paying great attention to students having artistic skill…….

    I wish you all the best for the future ahead mates,


  5. Congratulations Ejaz and Fazil.

    Creativity a superior human quality and it can be expressed in different forms. Both these young fellows have tremendous potential of art. We must encourage and guide such talent by facilitating their work. I wish both of you all the best for your artistic endeavors.

    Iqbal Barcha


  6. so sweet two kids EJAZ & FAZIL congrate for the achivments we hope more good result in future….wonderfull job is being done by both younster,s….

    DK Islamabad

  7. Good going guys.i m waiting for both of you here in Lahore.I hope that you will win the competition here as well.
    I m really proud of guys possessing and using their talents for something innovative and creative.
    I m really concerned about the ongoing acitivities in the region and hope that such activities will flourish more and will lead to big achievements and enhancements.
    Aslam Ghalib

  8. Congratulations to Ejaz and Fazil for such a remarkable achievement. I am confident that you both will inspire the panel in the grand finale as well.

    Best of luck

    Azam Tajik

  9. I really appreciate and salute the creative endeavors of the two kids from Passu Gojal. It’s my pray that u both will lead at National Level as well. Keep it up.
    It is imperative to recognize the efforts of their parents as well as their teachers to providing them such an enabling environment.

    Best of luck.
    Muhammad Jalil

  10. No doubt Nazir Ahmed Bulbul in model for evryone, Congrates to Ejaz and Fazal for thier graet achievements, we are hopefull for the final as well. wish you all the best.

  11. Hi Brothers,
    Nice to hear news about the two young boys.I really appreciate their efforts and creativity.
    Wish you good luck
    and keep the spirit high.
    Mohammad Latif
    Sharjah, UAE.

  12. Congratulations to you both Ejaz Ali Haqiqat Ali and Fazil Aman Nadir Aman. Hope that both of you would prove your talents like your fathers. Bravo!!! Wish you all the best for the upcoming “National Competition”.

    Ofarin savar, zidabod!!!

  13. passu is passu and all the gojali kids are full of hidden abilities
    just one chance can prove that….
    our seniors should think about their future……..

  14. Well done boys for this fantastic effort….. keep it up and many many congratulations two you both………….great new.


  15. I wants to participated in yr art competition I learn in class eight my school name is Falconhouse Grammer School north nazimabad Karachi Camp 5. I had already won different competition in arts contest such as Westland wetland which was held wwf and iI got many certificate of carnivals. thanks.

  16. well done my sweet villagers, i am realy proud both of you, keep it up & try to more again……best of luck .



  17. Dear Fazil & Ejaz,
    ” Tres Bien ” brilliant job, beautiful painting. Lesson for all of us to show that how our elders spent their life for coming generation and what we have to do in future .
    Wishing best of luck and keep going on .

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