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Scouts successfully completed 3rd day’s walk

By: Zeeshan via Telephone

Hunza, June 02:  The Scouts have successfully completed 3rd day walk from Murtazabad to Hussainabad, the next camping village.  On way, Scouts have crossed Nasirabad, Khanabad and Mayoon villages.

Nasirabad community has offered tea to the walk participants. Besides local Scouts leaders, Mukhi and Kamadia Sahiban and other notables were also present to welcome Scouts.

The Scouts were offered Lunch from Community side in Khanaabad. President Ismaili Local Council for Shinaki were among the others to welcome Scouts.

Later on, the community of Mayoon village offered Scouts Cherry and other fruits.

The Scouts finally arrived at Mushriqi, Hussainabad on 5 pm.  President Ismaili Local Council Shinaki while addressing the Scouts stressed Scouts to strongly follow the ethics and tradition of Ismaili community.

 A musical programme has been organised for the Scouts after dinner.

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  1. My very intimated scouts group,
    I am really inspired by the activities you have initiated.I wish i had been part of this journey.
    My best regards and best wishes to every member of the scouts group who have embarked on such a marvellous and great journey.
    Geo scouts
    keep flying

  2. i salute my great scouts in their historical journy and pray for thier save trip to thier destination. i always remeber my first and last great scout caming in Boibar Avgarch with Zulfiqar and other friends. a great moment was that i will never forget the days and nights there with our elders and youngsters.

  3. Indeed a great effort for the cause of scouting….The warm reception throutout theie way is really inspiring.

  4. Reflection on Reflection
    I was leaving for home and saw the beautiful faces opening their eyes on a sunny day wearing the Pakistani flag on their neck with their disciplined Khaki uniforms called Ismaili Scouts, walking towards Hunza near the barren land Dong Das.
    A Passenger sitting with me in a passenger van raised various questions, such as why these guys are walking by foot in a sunny and hot day. Where they are going? What is the benefit of such walks?
    A well informed passenger replied that they are Boys Scouts from Gojal valley and celebrating the Golden Jubilee, 50th year of the Imamat of His highness The Aga Khan (he said our Hazir Imam).

    The third passenger replied “it is very tiring traveling from Gulmit-Gojal to Gilgit and these guys should take care for their health”.
    A person sitting beside me said,
    “If these guys will follow the scout law and follow the scout discipline, our society will become a heaven on the earth”.
    I said to him,
    “Do you think the scouts do not follow the scout law? Or “our society is not a peaceful”? The man replied,
    “Many of the young kids who wear scout scarf (the man used the word Janda –Flag) on the occasions /events [such as 11th July, December 13th, and March 21st] does not respect for it in their routine life”. He made a charge sheet against them and said;
    “Those guys were involved in drugs, dual in their sayings and doings”. I tried my level best to defend the scouting movement and narrated my point of view by arguing that “we should to see the positive aspects of the movement and don’t expect for perfection from any individual except the almighty Allah”. But the man was strict on his point of view and reiterated that “they [scouts] should be role models for our young kids”.
    As, I finished my traveling and went home; I reflected on the passengers comments and thought that we should not expect perfection from any individual or institutions but should try our level best to keep in mind the accepted social norms of our society and should be conscious to follow the rules and regulations (Bye-laws) of any institutions.
    For me the event was a sign of inspiration and best way to show commitment and devotion as a Murid with spiritual affiliation to our beloved Hazir Imam. I browsed all the news and comments related to the scout event and thrilled with the responses of every individual and Jamati institutions in the form of welcome speeches, garlanding, clapping and flowering on their way, offering meals and accommodation with caring, sharing and generosity. The generosity and hospitality of the central and lower Hunza Jamat for the Ismaili Scouts of Upper-Hunza (Gojal) is evident and show their commitment and spiritual affiliation with the Imam of the time on the auspicious occasion of his Golden Jubilee celebration. This event is a simulative instrument to keep in strength within the framework of diversity and pluralism. I am confident that the scout walk will end successfully to their desired destination and hope that Jamat from Gilgit will show generosity for its successful ending. Let me thank to Pamir Times and to enable us to see and hear about such unique events. Let us appreciate the initiative taken by Ismaili Scouts Association Gulmit under the guidance and coordination of Ismaili council for Gulmit-Hunza.
    Keep it up

    Thanks and regards
    Sharif Khan




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