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Warm reception accorded to Scouts at Murtazabad, Hunza

Hunza, June 02: The adventure walk participants received a mega reception in Murtazaabad from the Ismaili Local Council Aliabad/Hyderabad and local community. The Scouts arrived in the village late in the night at around 10 pm. The local community were waiting for them for hours. However, due to the cleanliness campaign in Aliabad the Scouts could not reach at time.

The community had prepared a special gate at the main road to wel come participants of the walk. The president Ismaili Local Council Aliabad/Hyderabad (ILC), Fazal-u-Rehman, Honorary Secretary ITREB Aliabad/Hyderabad, Javed Ali, Senior Captain Ismaili Volunteer Corp Aliabad/Hyderabad, Javed Ali, Captain Ismaili Volunteer Corp Aliabad Sahib Jan, Member Ismaili Local Council Aliabad/Hyderabad, Shahid Karim, Mukhi and Kamadia Sahiban Murtazabad Jamatkhana, Chairman Union Council, Nambardars and other notables were present at the reception.

After arrival the Scouts handed over the Scouts and Pakistani flags to the President ILC and Secretary ITREB to honour their offices. The local community offered dinner to Scouts and other participants. After dinner, a mega programme was organised which was formally opened with Tilawat-i-Kalam Pak and Farman Mubarak. GSL Scouts Murtazabad welcomed the guest Scouts and regarded the walk as a positive step to strengthen Scouting movement in the region.

Inayatullah Baig, Secretary to ADSC Gulmit briefed the participants about the walk. Dances were performed on traditional tunes. The local community also presented flowers to Group Scouts Leaders (GSLs) and members of Scouts from Shishakat, Gulmit, Passu, Hussaini, Ghulkin, Shimshal, Chipurson, Morkhoon and Ahmedabad. Fazal-u-Rehman, President ILC Aliabad in his speech applauded the efforts of Gulmit unit for organising the walk. He said that youth should work together for the betterment of our community.

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