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KADO installs traffic boards in Aliabad, Hunza

Hunza, June 03: Karakoram Area Development Organisation has installed traffic boards in main market areas of Aliabad, Hunza as part of world environmental day celebrations.  The traffic as well as other environmental issues are deteriorating in Aliabad due to growing commercial activities in the region. Aliabad is becoming a commercial hub and central market place for Nagar and Hunza valleys.

KADO has also organised cleanliness moots in all major areas of Hunza valley. Banners were displayed with environment related slogans at major locations of Central and upper Hunza. Environmental education programmes, documentaies and experts interviews were developed through Divaako productions and are being broadcasted through Sujo Hunzo, a cable based channel. 

Rallies and walks will also be organised tomorrow in Aliabad, Karimabad, Gulmit and Sost with the support of WWF and other public and civil society organisations to mark the World Envoronment Day.

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  1. Great to know about the continuous progress of KADO and its positive contribution to development in Hunza. Congratulations to the board and management of KADO. Keep up the great work


  2. Thanks! KADO for its efforts in various development initiatives. We hope KADO will expand its intervention according to the vision as depicted from its name “Karakoram” and expected to reach even beyond this great mountainous range’. This institution need to more access/expansion in many areas, which has so far limited tin few villages of central Hunza. At least in Upper and lower-Hunza there is still slight presence and most of the far flung and remote areas seem out of reach. The reason may be lack of resources or funding from donors / funding agencies. We hope in future some mega projects could be initiated to deepen the roots of this institution in local communities of its jurisdiction. Good luck for your future endeavor.
    Sharif Khan

  3. Aliabad is hub of commercial and leisure activities.This is positive step initiated by KADO as it would have been taken by Traffic section in aliabad . As we have seen that drivers in aliabad do not obey rules and regulations of traffic and even the people walking on road are in the middle. At leas the installed sign board would make all the people remeber the laws of traffic.
    Well done KADO

    Salman Abbas
    Karimabad Hunza

  4. Does KADO stand for Karim Abad – Ali Abad Development Organization!!

    paisay to puray qaraquram k naam per laitay ho magar kaam sirf KA may kartay ho?

    Aur yeah banner kis tarah say lagaya hay? Pura scenary kharab kar diya hay!! Mahol is tarah say bachatay hay kiya? karachi may Biryani walay bhi isi tarah say advertising kartay hay apnay biryani k rates ki. Kuch to faraq hona chahiye.

    Sanad Yafta Naqid

  5. I fully agree with the name as nerated by my friend Sanad Yafta, So far we have been waiting for Kado to go beyond Karimabad and Aliabad.

    If it is so then the name should be corrected as Karimabad Aliabad Development Organization. As far as the traffic signs are concerned it is fine and KADO really needs to work with the traffic Police, who are seen loafing up and down the bazar area doing nothing like traffic control.

    It is worth recognition that KADO has done some remarkable things in Handicrafts development, Kasb-e-Kamal and rehabilition centers for the handicaped but are limited to the region of Central Hunza.

    As Kado should have stretched its activities to other villages and regions by now and we do not see any significant change in their policy for the last maney years. People from lower and uper Hunza have been showing their concern now and if it has no plans for the whole Hunza and parts of Karakoram, then they shoud seriously correct the name as suggested my one of my friend above

  6. Dear Readers!

    This is truth that KADO is working only Karim Abad and Ali abad, why not in upper Hunza (Gojal) & lower Hunza (Shinaki)?
    The donar agenices are funding for whole, according to sources, but it allocate in some specafic places, which is not justice with the peoples of Hunza and Gojal.
    in this regard i would request Zulfiqar bahi to explain, cos he works with KADO as well as coordinator of PT news Blog.
    Thanks and regards,

    Rahmat Karim
    ICD, Dubai UAE.

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