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Pamir Times & Gojal Net get their first Award

Dear Readers

I feel immense pleasure in announcing that organizers of the recent Adventure walk of the Boys Scouts have recognized the voluntary efforts of Gojal Net and Pamir Times, by presenting a memorial shield. Mr Zafar Iqbal, MD NATCO and former President of Ismaili Regional Council Gilgit presented the shield to Zulfiqar Ali Khan.

We are thankful to the organizers and congratulate all the member of Pamir Times family, the reporters, the readers, the commentators for making a positive difference in the region.


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  1. Congratulations PT & GojalNet for receiving this shield in recognition of the services rendered to the the mountain communities & societies by bringing objectively foward the issues. Wish you all the best for further rewards and awards in the future.

  2. Dear editor and team of PT,
    The first and ever outstanding work that is really appreciable.I have strong believe in the team of PT and am well aware of the strengths they possess.
    Mr Noor has been very active in such kind of works and I know him and his potentials as have remained good friends and dwelled in the same hostel for many years.He dreams seem to be coming true as his marvellous works are giving him more space and more appreciations.
    Zulfiqar bhai is a genius who was the first to take the initiative.I must say that he deserves a big hand and lots of appreciations.
    I am there for any kind of task you would assign me.
    We are proud suchalrastic and enthusiastic embassadors and real representatives who are really doing alot for the enhancement of the society and promoting the sense of harmony.This plateform has bridged many gaps uptill now and would go on taking more and more initiatives with strong determination and will.
    Keep movig ahead and we are with you.
    Geo Zulfi and Noor

  3. Congratulations…… it is a start not the end…. still have to work hard. Though the journey is challenging but the commitment and affirmations are there. You people have given a new vision and direction to the people….

    Once again congratulations

  4. Dear Zulfiqar and Team
    I as a common man , feel immense pleasure in congratulating you and your team in achieving the appreciation from the locals, well may be it’s a sense of realization that yes we need a mouth pieces to represent to the world over social political cultural and other forms of abstract and concrete values.
    It is the first step towards a climb that will be difficult and hurdles both in and out.
    May this become the Dawn to over intellect and source to world, the renaissance of our culture and the dynamic free life that we were born with?
    May God help you see more appreciation claps.

  5. Dear PT/GN team,

    Congratulations for getting the first award and I hope that in the times ahaed, you will keep on getting such appreciations from different corners for the good work and contributions. I think this is an indicator of success. Keep on exploring new horizons of achievement and sky is the limit for you!

    Sultan Ahmed

  6. Dear Noor
    Sorry I forgot you , I dream that all our youth should have the same amount of passion , zest that God has bestowed upon you. Keep you passé upright, follow your path of truth reality, and right.
    But as ,I always say do never be or copy GEO, but be and have your own Dawn.
    Reason , GEO has been the product of Dictatorship and have the policy to present the more urban news not the real what has happened , examples , the reporting on Kashmir earthquake, recent reporting on the socio-economical and political scenario of our country . Which everyone knows is weak but GEO represent it as a dead one. On the other hand Dawn was introduced for a cause, alike us , to give a representation of the locals to the world. Do that
    Best of all that you think!!!!!!
    From your reader

  7. Dear Zulfiqar and Noor,

    Congratulations, Your efforts have been recognized and praised within a short spain of time. Thanks to Scouts for presenting the award. Keep up the good work , and many others awards are waiting for you people.

    Aziz .

  8. Dear readers
    Congratulations to the PT team,specially the moderators,who have put their efforts to mantain and sustain the credibiblity of PT. It is for the first time in gojal the we have initiated a platform in common. we are working in common and sharing ideas with a rational attitude. the success it has got and the way it is developing itself is a shield/award for PT.
    Securing a position is easy but the hardest task is to keep it up and mantain it. I hope PT will do so,PT is now not alone we all the members are there to support in our respective aspects.
    Again i would like to stress on the point that PT has the importance because of its unique role,bringing all the gojalies on a common platform. Here we can discuss,share,urgue,decide and meet our goals INSHALLAH.

  9. Dear Zulfi and Noor,
    Bravo boys…. your selfless effort-PT is waiting for more awards and recognations, but i think PT’s real recognation is the interest and contributions of it reader….

    Congratulations and best wishes for such many recognations and awards…..

  10. Dear PT Team and participants of Blog.

    You have proven the skeptics wrong and accomplished what
    most think impossible in this region.

    There is no doubt that your achievements will be
    spoken of for some time to come and that the admiration
    for your accomplishments is felt by all of us within the
    youth as well as the general public.

    I think this is a leap of achievement and we know besides this K2 touching social, ethical and economical challenges are on our way to address and highlighted.

    Please accept my heartiest congratulations for the success.

    A.Jamal Barcha

  11. Dear Pamir Times and the Gojal.Net Team,

    Congratulations for getting the first award on your tremendous efforts and achievments for Pamir Times and directing the Wakhi people by providing a platform to share views and news from our experts and other dedicated professionals.Keep it up!

    INSHALLAH! you will get many more awards and appreciations from different organizations and people in future. Explore new ideas for its success and to reach at the peek for its achievement.

    Thanks to the Scounts Association for giving award to this genius group of Goja.Net.I Pray for your achievements in future.


  12. Dear PT Team
    My best wishes for getting this recognition from a segement of our community. It is just the beginning and you have got to go a long way and you deserve better.

  13. dear noor and zulfi
    congrats on achieving your first appreciation award.
    thee is a long way ahead
    i pray for your sucess at every moment of ur lives.

  14. Congratulations, team Pamir Times.

    I hope this is just the begining and there will be more to come, but your real award is the trust that is shown in your efforts. I hope you will never damage the trust of common people and strenghthen it further in the times to come.

    I wish you keep your journey allong the road of success and win more hearts, hilighting issues, informing people of what is happening around them, praising those who acheive new milestons for our younger generations to take inspirations and motivation to follow them, bridging gapes and laying foundations to a progressive civil society.

    Be Allah with you… Ameen

  15. Dear Pamir Times & Team
    Many may congratulations for achieving the first award which you deserve. Your commitment and dedication has been highly appreciated by the society. You have truly brought us together on one platform where we can discuss different issues faces the region. The news and information every day keeps us intact with the society. We hope you guys will keep good work and get more and more appreciation and awards from the people and different organizations.
    Pray for your more success in future.

    Sajjad Ali Khan

  16. Dear Zulfi, Noor and team Members:
    Congratulations on your brilliant performance and achievements. I was eye witness of this beautiful event and the audience lauded your great contribution with generous words and actions. I hope these kind of felicitous events will give encourage you and all our young generation in future. Keep it up and good wishes for your life long success

    Sharif Khan

  17. Dear Pamir Times & the Gojal.Net Team,

    Congratulations for getting the first award on your tremendous efforts and achievments.

  18. Heartfelt congratulations to the PT team for receiving the award.

    When my collegues ask me about the impact of education and potential of people from my region, I very proudly refer them to this website. They are amazed at the kind of work your team is doing. Your team truly deserves the recognition.

    I hope that in the flux of globalization, you will enable our people to feature and retain their identity in an effective way yet helping them to nicely jell into the complexities of the pluralistic society.

    Keep up the good work!


  19. Well deserved recognition….
    Congratulations to all the direct and indirect contributors and supporters of PNT and best of luck for all your future endeavors. I am sure your existing spirit, zeal and hard work toward the right cause will continue….

    az kabul

  20. Many many congratulation for the achivement, this is the result of the hardwork of your team really all of you are very energetic, I am certain that you will get more achivements in future.

    Ali Asghar – Gilgit

  21. …….itz not 2 far n future vn u THE PAMIR TEAM vl get accolade at national level,for the enlighment of the ignored youth, living on the ROOF OF THE WORLD…very hopefull……….aminn

  22. Dear Zulfi and team.
    As a eyewitness of the event, I admit that PT’s contribution was outstanding, I congratulate to having your first award.
    Keep it up and serve for the humanity!



  23. Many many congratulations for having your first award. Wish you all the best for further rewards and awards in the future.
    Once again conratulations.

  24. My heartiest congratulations to the whole TEAM.

    God Bless you all.


  25. Dear Noor baie, Zulfiqar baie and all P.T team

    you are doing a wounderful job, Congratulations for achieving the award.
    keep it up

    GOD bless you

  26. Pamir Times has got the distinction of pioneering On-line journalism in the North Pakistan. It role in hilighting the social, economic ans political issues of the region leading and commendable.
    It is popularity is eveident from the overwhelming participation of people from around the world.
    I would like to extend my warmest congratulations to the entire team and especially to Zulfiqar and Noor for their untiring effort in the progress of this forum.

    WIsh you all the best!!

    Iqbal Barcha
    AKU-IED , Karachi

  27. many many congratulations for the achievement !!

    God bestow more spite and rehmat for Khidmat , honorary service responsibility is not easy for every one .may God bless you.

    keep it up 🙂

    Muhammad Riaz Zoqi


  28. The PT Dream Team – Zulfiqar & Noor

    Congratulations on each and every achievement that has been accomplished so far. Best wishes and good luck for many more successes in future.

    The long journey on the road to a responsible, exploitation-free and prosperous civil society has just begun.

    Ceaseless efforts would need to go on forever to achieve these societal goals.

    Many dreams would be realized in the dreamland through individual and collective efforts and will get reported through the PT efforts each day, week, month; year after year.

    Your roles are of paramount importance as change agents.


    Mutabiat Shah, Islamabad

  29. jamati zulfiqar congratulations for the achvmnts u deserve it really
    have a nice day asthala vistha

  30. Being from Northern Areas of Pakistan we feel really delighted to see marvalous achivement of Zulfiqar baye that a men with courage can bring revolution and we expect the same from all our educated youth, and for Zulfiqar baye i will say that keep your outstanding efforts towards that challanging aim.

    Ali Masud

  31. well done pamir times

    my congratutation for the achievement of such beauityful course you deserve.

    keep it up

    All the best

    karim khudaabadi

  32. Being wakhi,s we r very happy and proud on ur extraordinary work on starting pamirtimes. Inshallah u will be succussful so carry it on. waseem/safdar gojali

  33. Dear brother this is a great acheviement keep it of luck for your team future.remember us we are all the time with you.have a great distribution in that beauty place of gojal gilgit and outside the world as well.
    my regard
    Muhammad sami
    student of Mass cpmmunication

  34. Dear zulfi i want to congratulate you for such extensive achievement and wish to achieve more adventures in future.
    keep it up all the best……………..

    Afsar Jan

  35. Dear Zulfiqar BAhi
    Great job keep up the good work,Always put some efforts more to acheieve your goals and objects,You time is not wasted its big reward for you ,but your contribution towards our community is really notice able,Big diffrence with alot of your efforts and hardwork plus your time for our community at large will make small diffrence for now, Inshallah with time our all region will change and will progress at a very fast phase ,during this age of http://www.? We all must contribut something to our society. we all can gain knowledge ,but when and where to use it makes sense.(diffrences) I am sitting far away from home, but always i look into gojal .net for the local news,infact i am least bother to see whats happening in all parts of Pakistan but i always look for for local news and for the love of my Region,Keep it up and Cheers.Remember to bring all the educated folks to join in hands with you,Now years passed, it will be nice , if possibly could be turned into a further more nice look,something more has to be done for the Quality of the website,Really Appreciate your and your teams efforts,if someone can come up with more quality and can gradually make it more of a intrestings site,beside news there must be more things,Something which can generate revenue for the entire region,something like establishing call center etc?Or Online sale etc.
    Best of Luck!!!!

    Karim Dad Sultan.

    New York, USA

  36. Dear Zulfiqar

    Congratulations to you and ur team of Pamir Times +
    Your dedication and motivation to the area and to the people of the area will definatly bring many more awards to you and your team. Please keep it up. Thanks

  37. Dear ZULFIQAR & NOOR
    Congratulation for this big achievement Keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Congratulation All the WEB opertors and editors as well all the volunteers, You Peple deserve it
    Its all about your voluntary and dedication to your homeland and supporting all the micro-macro events and informing all the gojalians and G-Bs up dated
    I love you and ur work

    Ejaz Ali Rumi

  39. dear team members,
    i would like to congratulat you people on this outstanding achivement and best performance.this is a start and we hope that you will do more for the benficiry of all gojal and all readers.

    best of luck

    rehmat raheem sherazi

  40. Congratulation to all the members of PT and Gojal Net……….. you people truly deserve it…..

    All the best


  41. Congratulations to all the team members for this great achivement, getting the first award and I hope that in future you will continue your efforts and will serve the community all over the world and will keep on getting such appreciations! you have realy done a great job, keep it up
    All the best
    Ali Yar

  42. Heartiest Congratulations for this great achivement, and PT deserves it.
    They members have done a great job so far, hope they will come up with more than this. Mostly people around the world are getting news about Hunza and Gojal through Pamir Times..Nice effort..Great job….
    Good Luck for the future..

  43. good work indeed pamir tines.the only sound source to high light the barriers to the people of gojal.specially the job done by noor and zulfiqar were outstanding and we are looking straight forward for more acievements .my warmth regards to all the team of PM.
    ARrahman gmt

  44. congratulation for the heroic and intellectual efforts in sharing all kinds of information with the readers and keeping them upto date about GB in general and Gojal in is indeed a long and hard journey and to keep this journey moving it is vital to acknowledge and recognize the efforts of pamair time team. the recent award is one of the acknowledgement of the untiring efforts of pamair time team.
    Karim Mohammad Khan
    Pakora Ishkoman

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