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Hunza Students Federation to be formed at KIU

by: Zulfiqar Ali Khan

Hunza, June 17: The regular students from Hunza, studying at Karakoram International University (KIU) have started consultation meetings with Youth organizations, political representatives and leadership of civil society organizations to form Hunza Student Federation at KIU. 

In this regard, the representatives of the students have held a meeting with local leadership and youth in Gulmit. The main objectives of the federation, it was said, are to provide a voice for the students and offer them with the opportunity to enrich their experience by providing social activities. 


The local leadership has appreciated this effort and said that such platforms can be used to bridge the gaps among students from Shinaki, Central Hunza and Gojal. They, however, urged the students to avoid involvement in political activities during studies.

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  1. It sounds good to form such a body I hope this body will play a positive and constructive role by mobilizing the talent of our students towards an intellectual endeavor. I also expect that this organization will concentrate on providing enabling environment for the students from our area to polish their hidden skills, widen their intellectual horizon, establishing networking with various government and non government organizations and other civil society organizations alike. I also hope that hard work, meritocracy, commitment, equal opportunity, respect for pluralism & diversity and democracy will be the governing values of this organization. It is important that the structure of this organization should be immune to any undesired external influence and interests, which, I believe will try to materialize their vicious interests through this newly born organization.
    I am sure that the students must have done their homework on this new organization in terms of its structure, goals, objectives, activities and scope etc. Best wishes for the success of this good cause and step.

  2. Congratulations the students of KIU for the establishment of Hunza Students Federation. Indeed, it is a positive initiative towards healthy activities. I insist on a very critical point to perform your duties and look for for your due rights. Do not compromise on your academic career and put your efforts for the holistic development of the students.

    We appreciate all of you to contribute in peace making and social harmony at KIU campus and beyond that (Gilgit –Baltistan and even the whole country and the globe) through your words and actions. Avoid from any kind of prejudices and work as an ambassadors of peace and care for others. We are much confident that you will shape and streamline institutional framework and set an example for the future generation as a role model.

    We have high expectations from all students of KIU to live like brothers and sisters in a friendly and enabling environment within the guidance of Islamic ethics and focus on the meritocracy rather to believe in regionalism, nepotism and favoritism. It is only possible, if all of you (students and Faculty members of KIU) could contribute their knowledge and wisdom through hard work and commitment, as a result one day the university will stand at international ranking in the globe.

    Sharif Khan

  3. KIU in general and students of Hunza in particular need an Organization to lead them in a proper way which will bring positive change among students’ learning. Especially for new commers (Boys & Girls) which have to face a lots of problems; when they have to study with diverse cultural and ethenic junction, hence they come up from such a community bearning unique culture and soft back-ground. So they need good mentors to lead and aware them weaknesses and strengths of the Institution as well as fellow students as they have to share with them through-out University life. Being a Hunzai we should anticipate and strongly follow the norms and values which we inhereted from our community. Learn more and more as you can; never indulge in ill-activities which would spoil your character and career badly. Try your level best to be a role- model and tourchbearer to new commer.

  4. It is a good initiative and this kind of activities are important to organize the students and to develop the atmosphere of harmony.The federation should look after the various affairs of students at KIU and should provide opportunities for the students to enhance their capabilities in various spheres.
    This should not get politicized as should wholly and solely represent the students of the region.There are various issues that need more attention to be resolved living in Gilgit.I hope this federation will play its role.
    The first priority of the students in my view should be their academics and promotion of a conducive environment for learning and interaction.
    Students come to university not merely to ratilize some notes rather to build their personalities and to develop a vision towards a prosperous life.
    I hope this federation will comeup with many noval initiatives for a good cause.
    Aslam Ghalib

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