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Refresher Course for VECs concluded in Gulmit, Gojal

 By: Karim Tahir, Environmental Officer, PMAC

Hunza, June 19: The Refresher course for the Master Trainers (MTs) of Valley Environmental Committees (VECs), Gojal conservancy has been concluded in Gulmit after 2-days extensive training sessions and group works. The course was organized by Programme for Mountain Areas Conservation (PMAC) as part of the environmental education component to educate local communities in conservation and environmental issues. 

About 20 members of the Gulmit, Ghulkin, Hussaini, Passu, Shimshal, Khyber, Khunjerab Villagers Organisation (Morkhoon, Gircha, Ghalapun, Sarteez, Jamalabad, Sost), Khudaabad, Raminj and Misghar VECs successfully completed the Course.  The trained MTs will help to implement the environment and conservation activities of PMAC in the region.  

PMAC is a five year project of Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) of Government of Pakistan implemented and executed by Ministry of Environment through a National Directorate at Islamabad and three Regional Directorates in NAs. AJK and NWFP. The Key objective of the project is to conserve biological diversity and ecological importance of landscape through active participation of mountain communities and other stakeholders.

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  2. Marmoor Mirbooz, U r looking smart dear,

    Best wishes for achivement in your goals.


  3. Wonderful initiatives by PMAC, and hope to extend it beyond it with the essence of community involvement.

    Keep it up

    Sharif khan

  4. Dear Mir Baz!

    Good effort and keep it up!!!!!
    see you soon!

    Karim, ICD Dubai.

  5. A very impressive and fascinating activity,that has been carried out with full attention and curiosity.I hope that the master trainers will play their due role in the targeted areas with full committment.
    I salute my great teacher Sifat Shah(Ghulkin) for his keen interest in various emerging and new activites.It shows his deep interest in gaining the latest information.I know Ustad Sifat from my very early days of schooling where he used to be very kind, generous and more updated.I still remember the blue codownabout vered diary of Ustad, in which he used to notedown his day to day teaching activities.
    I salute my great teachers who have thirst for knowldge and do not stop by saying that the time is over for them.
    Great job by the participants as have ensured their participation in such a creative and informative session.
    Keep going as the world of knowlege doesn’t belong to a single person rather everyone has equal probability of being an itegral part of the endless stream of knowledge.
    Aslam Ghalib

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