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Gilgit: More firing in Gilgit city, armed man arrested

Our Correspondent

Gilgit, August 28: Police in Gilgit arrested an armed man who was allegedly involved in aerial firing in Doomial locality of the city. Heavy aerial firing was heard in the city during the night, as has become the norm during the last week.

Generally, the days are calm and the fear mongers stay indoors. However, when the darkness falls they come out of their hideouts and start aerial firing, tormenting peaceful residents of the city, who are forced to stay inside their houses.

The environment of fear has not gone during the last two days due to sporadic firing incidents here and there.

Schools remained closed and traffic was thin on the road.

Residents of the city have been tormented, first by curfew, then by restrictions on mobility and assembly and now by the unending firing spree which the law enforcing agencies have failed to control, despite of making several arrests.

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