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3 persons missing as a result of car accident near Shishkat

By: Zulfiqar Ali Khan

Hunza, July 16: At least 3 persons are missing after an Alto car plummeted into the Hunza river on KKH between Shishkat and Sarat villages, some 25 km North of Aliabad, Hunza. The accident is said to have occured around 8 pm of July 15 and remained unknown till 2 pm of July 16. The accident was noticed only after a tractor driver found some broken part of the car close to the accident site. According to police sources, the 3 persons in an Alto car were on way to Aliabad  but could not reach their destination due to unknown reasons.   


The name of the driver has been identified as Sultan from Shishakat village and the other 2 persons are named as Nambardar Fida Hussain from Shishkat and Qaimat Karim from Aliabad, Hunza.  


Police and FOCUS Humanitarian Assistance team have started search operation but there has not been any success in recovery of the missing persons, so far.

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  1. It is a very sad news indeed. I want to extend my heartiest condolence to all the bereaved families. May HI bless their soul with eternal peace. Late Fida Hussain was my school classmate. It is a shoking news. May Allah bless the bereaved family members with great patience. Kamil Jan and Mir Ali bhai! it is a loss for all of us.

  2. This is very sad news ,I express deep sorrow on the demise of the departed souls and pray may ALLAH rest their souls in eternal peace and give strenghth to the families to bear this great loss ,Amin.

  3. Very sad news indeed. May Allah rest their sould in eternal peace-Ameen! My deepest condolence goes to his family especially to Kamil Jan and AmirAli bhai. thanks

    Rehbar Khan
    GA- USA

  4. its really shocking news for all of heartiest sympathy to all the family members for this great loss. May God bless their souls in Janat Firdaus and give sabbar to all family members. Amin

  5. It is really a sad news and I would like to extend my heartiest condolence to the mourning families and pray to God that their souls may rest in eternal peace.
    Such accidents have been occuring from the very begining and I think some measures ought to be taken to overcome such accidnets by overseeing the current position of the KKH.
    Aslam Ghalib

  6. “…..Innalillahe-Wainna-Ilaihe-Raziaun…………I am deeply saddened to hear about the sudden demise of Fida Hussain – we have lost another senior marine personnel from our community. Late Fida Hussain as a very pleasant personality. There is no word to comfort his family/friends at this time, my (our) thoughts are with his family and sincere condolence to them and may Allah rest him in peace and provide him Jaanah ………..”


  7. Inna-lillahi Wainna-ilaihi Rajion’on

    This is a second sad and socking news for me in this mounth of July 2008 that my friend and class fellow late Fida Husain accident death.
    I express my deepest, heartiest sympathy and condolence to all the family members and especially Mr Kamil Jan and Mr Amir Ali.
    May Allah rest their souls in eternal pace, (Ameen).

    Ali aman gojali

  8. Inna-lillahi Wainna-ilaihi Rajion’on

    This is very shocking news for me that one of my closest friend Fida Hussain has passed away. Fida Hussain was like my brother, as we were students of Punjan University we were living in one room of the University hostel.
    On this sad occassion I express my sympathy and condolence to all the family members of Late Fida Hussain.
    May Allah rest their souls in eternal pace, (Ameen).

    Muhammad Yar Baig
    Kabul Afghanistan

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